Living room in Scandinavian style: the harmony of simplicity

The simplicity, coziness and comfort of the interiors in a Scandinavian style has resonated in the hearts of the Russians – probably because of the lack of light and heat affects many regions of Russia, as well as the people of the Scandinavian Peninsula. Today the site is a Stylish Trick will tell you how to look like a living room in Scandinavian style.

To recreate at home this interior is quite simple. You do not need any huge financial investment or super. Just turn on taste, imagination, well and follow our recommendations.


Key features of the Scandinavian style

The premises, designed in accordance with Scandinavian style characteristic of the following features:

  • — Conciseness in the best traditions of minimalism
  • — Desire for natural colors and materials
  • — The use of various techniques to visually increase the size of the room and give it the best light
  • — Involvement in products in hand-made style

So, if all of the above finds in your soul a response, you will be comfortable and happy in the living room in a Scandinavian style.

Living room in Scandinavian style – what is it?

Color scheme. The most popular color match for decoration, Scandinavian interior is the white + blue. These colors are pleasing to the eye, look very positive and at the same time make the room lighter and more spacious.

Also Scandinavian interior favors a variety of warm, natural shades – beige, gray, brown, yellow.

All colors in the room are selected in such a way as not to cut the eye in unexpected contrast combinations. Colors are harmonious, slightly muted, calm.

The walls, floor and ceiling. Wood is the most popular for Scandinavian interior material. As a flooring preferably light wood – birch, pine, beech. The floor is covered with transparent lacquer or painted white. An important feature of the interior living room in Scandinavian style is the color harmony of walls and floor – this technique is used for artificial display areas.

So the walls you can just paint paint. Another option is Wallpaper. Wallpaper can be decorated with floral ornament.

Another alternative wall panel. This option is particularly recommended for rooms with uneven walls. Baseboards the same color with walls and floors help enhance the impression of the unity of the whole interior ensemble.

The ceiling can just be bleached out. Allowed decoration decorative wooden beams.

Furnished. All of the furnishings of the living room in a Scandinavian style functional. The furniture is comfortable. However, Scandinavian interior, unlike, for example, from the same minimalist, no stranger to embellishment. Welcome decorated with carved furniture.

Mandatory components of the environment living room: large comfortable sofa, a shelf with books or open bookshelf, Desk.

And certainly a fireplace or tiled stove. In urban environments you can use artificial fireplace.

Furniture is usually designed in soft colors and stripped patterns. This furniture gives the living room a dignity and elegance.

Separately should be said about lighting. Inhabitants of Scandinavia give artificial light sources, special attention, trying to compensate for the lack of natural light. The centerpiece of the living room – a large crystal chandelier.

Widely used point light sources. The chandeliers and lamps arranged on the fireplace, shelves, coffee table, fulfill both decorative and purely practical problem.

Accessories. Scandinavian interiors are not made use of expensive heavy fabrics of velvet, silk.

First, they do not tally with total simplicity and naturalness of the interior. Second, they do not reflect light. So, for curtains suitable light and transparent muslin, muslin. For tablecloths or curtains recommended cotton, linen, wool, ie natural fabrics.

The sofa in the living room can be decorated with decorative pillows. On the floor lay a large rug.

A striking addition to the interior living room in Scandinavian style is a large mirror.

Living room in Scandinavian style is a great solution for modern interiors. This concept can be implemented even in a small apartments and allows you to create comfort, using a minimum of decorative elements.