loft Style in the interior: to value freedom

Today’s article website Stylish devotes a rather unusual trend in the field of residential design. Loft style in the interior appeared in the 40-ies of XX century, but in our country first started talking about it recently. The word “loft” meant the attic. In the US, also known as the top floor of the industrial premises.

Before you decide to bring this bold design decisions in your home, decide first, how much room is consistent with the concept of loft style, and second, how close is this situation to you in spirit.

Features loft style in the interior

The birthplace of this trend in interior design – United States – or rather Manhattan. In 40-ies a decision was taken to transfer the most part of industrial enterprises from the center closer to the edge, to make way for housing. This program has led to the fact that the production premises unoccupied as a result of the move, had to be adapted for living.

And though initially the idea seemed questionable, in the process it became clear that apartments make a great, though slightly peculiar. So great that pretty quickly they acquire the status of luxury housing.

Apartment in loft style first gained popularity among the Bohemians. But due to the large area and its location in the historic center of new York, they are gradually so increased in price that only successful businessmen could afford them.

Layout and finish

So, the main feature of the loft style in the interior space. Huge area, big Windows, high ceilings – all this distinguishes such premises. As a rule, apartments in style loft designed as a single viewed through the space is divided not into rooms but into functional areas. Only isolated utility room and bathroom. The kitchen is the part of the living room separated by a Breakfast bar. Areas, reception, etc. allocated by using screens, furniture, etc. the Feeling of freedom and lightness of being is not leaving in this apartment.

Such a purely technical elements, such as beams, exposed brick walls, pipes, etc. converted into loft-style design “chip”. They coexist with ultra-modern finishing materials – glass, plastic, chrome metal etc.

Union progress and retro is a theme that can be traced not only in the finish, but throughout the design of the apartment in loft style is his key motive.

Finishing of ceiling, walls and floor – extremely solid. Use metal, glass, parquet.


Color scheme of the apartment in the loft – only on the conscience of the owner. And if the floor, walls and ceilings are decorated, usually in cool colors, all other details of the interior can be very different.

Some people prefer to paint the apartment bright accents, someone withstands a grim urban style, giving preference to dark shades.


The furniture in the attic apartment mobile: it is easy to transformirovalsya, it can be removed, because it is nowhere attached and equipped with wheels. The ultra-modern environment can coexist, for example, with the old heavy bathtub on legs or twisted cast-iron stove in retro style.

A distinctive feature of the situation in the loft – an abundance of seats. A huge sofa is a mandatory item in the attic living room.

Cabinets, racks and shelves, open and often function as partitions.

Interior loft-style characteristic of a certain minimalism, but it is designed with pretensions to elegance. Let the room will be some furniture, but it will be such and thus presented, will not fail to draw attention to themselves.

Everything is thought out so that the owner will not have any problems if he wants the updates and decide to redecorate.

Ultra-modern tools and appliances is a compulsory part of the furniture in the loft: glossy cooktops to huge plasmas.


The style loft does not accept curtains, blinds, tulle, tablecloths, embroidered, etc. Windows are in most cases decorated with shutters or heavy curtains with geometric prints.

The items used for decoration of the home, a very peculiar – however, as the entire loft. These can be road signs, large posters, graffiti and other satellites of urbanization.

In the attic interior, ideal for paintings of abstraction. You can add interior large outdoor ceramic vases. Most of the jewelry, like the furniture, not attached to the walls in expectation of an easy alterations.

Loft style in the interior is usually liked by people who are active, accustomed to the rhythm of life in megapolis, creative, freedom-loving. He scares many of his asceticism and a kind of nakedness of life of its inhabitants. However, if you this style is liked, and the room meets the requirements, do not hesitate to Beris for his incarnation in his apartment.


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