Long bangs 2018

If you still thinking to create long bangs or not, remember that this year they are on top of popularity.

Past seasons designers recommend to abandon the bangs completely, motivating women to create a vivid and dynamic images with a middle part and straight hair. Today, however, everything changed in the first place turned out to be long and Ultra long bangs just below the eyebrows. As noted stylists, preference should be given to direct models with smooth side parting. It turns out that such a fringe can be laid differently on both sides, or do the classic straight bangs to her eyebrows. Today we will discuss the most popular long bangs 2017, and also talk about what kind of hairstyles their fashionable to combine.

Long bangs 2018

Long straight bangs are the key trends to 2018, as they can be found literally in every collection. Well-known brands and then demonstrate a vivid and memorable hairstyles, ultra long bangs that surprise with their negligence and concise style. Absolute trend of the season – long straight bangs that can be created in a pair with a smooth straight hair to mid shoulders. No, this is not hair Kare, it’s just straight hair with long bangs. A fairly simple way, which is rooted in the nineties. However, it is good. The trend was also Bohemian bangs that has a straight side parting. The bangs are easy to learn because it is incredibly long just below the level of the eyebrows. To put such models bangs stylists suggest, with a small effect size, they should look natural and beautiful.

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In 2018 at the peak of popularity was the cascade of hair that complement slant fashionable asymmetrical bangs. Note Ultra long models that are paired with layered hairstyles look quite stylish harmony. As with all layered hairstyles, haircut cascade gives extra volume to the hair while the bangs for haircut cascade should also be performed with the highest level of calibration, as well as additional volume. Almost all bangs for haircut cascade is performed with the effect of additional volume. This allows to make the cut more dynamic and vibrant. You can also compose layered haircuts hair with short side bangs. However, you should place primary emphasis on side parting.
Clipper caret stylists recommend to choose a straight long bangs in the classic version without parting with the volume effect.


The classic Bob is executed in a pair with the bangs straight type. However, it is fashionable to create with the elements of calibration. That is, the layered bangs are the ideal solution for classic Bob, and haircuts Bob-Bob. If we are talking about hairstyles long caret, the stylists recommend to go back to and compose trendy hairstyle paired with side asymmetrical bangs or long bangs parted in the center.

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