Makeup for New year 2019

New year’s eve makeup doesn’t have to be bright and energetic. This year, stylists insist on a variety of shades of yellow, as well as gold and brown. 2019 will be held under the sign of the yellow earth pig, which prefers luxury and beauty. If you want to match the main symbol of the year, be sure to add to your wardrobe a variety of shades of yellow. But today we will talk about the fashion makeup 2019 for the new year celebration. Join us and you will see the most popular make-up options in the new season.


Makeup for New year 2019

A shade of yellow

Of course, many girls on new year’s eve want to be in the trend and match the symbols of the year. If you prefer yellow shades in clothing, be sure to add to your list of Maikop yellow eyeshadow. Volume massive smoky ice with rich yellow shadows with a matte base, will be a good solution for the new year celebration. First, they look very bright, but not defiantly. It is rather a refined element of women’s style, which is not suitable for everyone. Yellow eye shadow, will be a good solution for owners of gray or green eyes. The rest of the best to abandon this idea.


The Golden shade of eye shadow, mascara, eyebrow pencil and even lipstick will be incredibly popular in 2019. If you want to be bright and match the symbol of the year, be sure to try the Golden makeup in the new season. Gold is incredibly popular and is popular among many fashionistas. Especially popular will be a Golden shade of lipstick for lips this new year’s eve. Of course the Shine is always a plus to create a new year’s image. Another good solution would be a face powder with a Golden shimmer or shimmer.

Makeup in the style of cat’s eye

Cat’s eyes have been popular for years. For the new year celebration, this kind of make-up really allows you to form a bright image. If you want to create a delicate and at the same time romantic image, be sure to try makeup in the style of cat’s eye. Cat’s eyes are made taking into account the elongated arrows and pastel eye shadows. The result is a very playful Flirty makeup, using mascara for maximum volume of eyelashes.

Makeup Smokey Eyes

Of course, it is difficult to imagine the new year’s eve without a make-up in the style of Smokey ice. Really one of the best types of makeup for the party, which in 2019 should be performed taking into account the gold and silver shades. A great solution will also be a make-up in the style of smoky ice with the use of eye shadows of Bordeaux color. Smokey ice allows you to slightly narrow the section of the eyes, so focus on this makeup from this point of view.

Ultra long lashes

Ultra long lashes are really the trend of 2019. An excellent solution for creating an evening eye makeup is a make-up with the use of mascara of maximum volume. Ultra long eyelashes have been popular for many years. Today, however, stylists recommend using as mascara volumetric options that give eyelashes incredible luxury. Long eyelashes, in 2019, it is recommended to combine in a pair with arrows on the eyes.

Brown lipstick for lips

Brown lipstick for lips still remains in fashion in 2019. What is the color Bordeaux or dark purple? Brown color lipstick creates a vivid image and allows you to make it at least unusual. This lipstick looks quite radical, and combine it best with pastel eye makeup. Dark brown lip gloss is not relevant, stylists insist on matte lipstick brown shades. A good solution will also be a light mustard and rich mustard shade of lipstick for lips.

Graphic arrows on the eyes

In 2019, all attention is focused on the graphic lines that stylists create in the area of the eyelids. These are unusual graphic arrows that allow you to form a bright image. Graphic quality can be expressed using a double arrow, or of geometric figure, as suggested by stylists adorn the eyelids. Graphic make-up is important to combine in a pair with pastel lipstick for lips, as well as ultra long eyelashes.

Eye makeup in Ombre style

Eye makeup in the style of Ombre is only gaining its popularity. Thus, different shades of the same color can decorate the eyes and form an unusual image. Be sure to pay attention to fashion trends in the new season, as they are the main trend of 2019.