Manicure at home

Make the hands of the perfect self is not difficult, besides, the manicure at home can be turned into pleasure. Manicure – an important trait of the image. Perfect nails make a woman confident and free.

Previously all salons offered one type of service – the classic manicure. Now way to allow the handle to be more, but they are based on proven rules.


  • Classic manicure at home
  • Express manicure
  • SPA manicure at home
  • How to do a manicure at home — expert advice

Classic manicure at home

The most common way to bring his hands in order is a classic manicure, he cut or wet.

Advantages: simplicity of the procedure, the ability to lead in perfect condition even the most neglected nails.

Disadvantages: due to the fact that the cuticle is removed with the nail clippers, there is a risk of infection and to provoke the appearance of burrs. However, if you follow all the safety precautions, the threat is minimized.

Materials and tools: manicure set with cuticle nippers, foot Spa, cuticle oil, nail Polish, base nail finishing tool.

  1. First you need to remove the old Polish. Do it better using bezatsetonovymi medium enriched with vitamins.
  2. To wash your hands, abazieva nails.
  3. With the help of a nail file the nails to correct length, giving them the desired shape. This season trendy medium and short length. If the nails are bad, they should be cut off – this will protect the nail plate from separation and cracks. Choosing a nail file for a manicure is better to choose a ceramic, glass or emery paper.
  4. Next the handle should be dipped in the tub. You can take any container where the water will cool down slowly (ceramic or metal). In bath you can add sea salt, lemon juice, decoction of chamomile or just the cream soap. The objective of the baths is to soften the cuticles. Manicure at home allows you not to hurry and to spend time pleasantly.
  5. After the hands dry with a towel. In any case it is impossible to correct the shape of the nails after the bath – this will lead to delamination of the plate.
  6. Gradually, slowly you should begin to trim cuticles. It’s best to do a special on a spring scissors with round ends. The edge of the cut must be smooth. No need to come too close to the ground, even if the cuticle is damaged, it is better to do it next time, and the remainder of the edge to displace the massaging during the application of oil to the cuticle.
  7. In addition to the oil the skin should be moistened with cream, combining the application of massage. Rubbing the cream, do not forget about the elbows – they also need to moisturize.
  8. After this it is necessary to degrease the nail plate and cause colorless strengthening coating.
  9. When the protective coat dries, you can apply varnish. Thanks to the coating it will lie flat and neat, and the nail plate will be held securely and will not absorb the pigment.

Express manicure at home

Advantages: the opportunity to lead nails in order, without spending a lot of time.

Disadvantages: can not be used constantly, from time to time need a thorough care with a mask and a scrub.

Materials and tools: nail Polish, base, top coat, manicure set, container for warm water orange stick.

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Fashionable novelty appeared not so long ago. Station Express manicure sets in places the high terrain or where people have to wait – airports, shopping malls, theaters. Express manicure – ability to lead nails in order for 7-12 minutes. With everlasting employment for such a speedy manicure at home is a lifesaver.

  1. Scissors need to give the nails the shape and adjust the corners with a nail file.
  2. For half a minute fingernails should be dipped in warm water. After dry with a towel.
  3. The boundary growth of the cuticle spread a special tool, a few minutes later the orange stick to push the edge.
  4. To remove left overs, nails degrease.
  5. On the nails apply a base through which the nail will go smoothly.
  6. Next, the nails are varnished, to save time it is better to choose a neutral or pastel shade. The second layer should be applied a minute later.
  7. Finishing touch – finish coating that extends the life of nail Polish and make the nail Shine.

SPA manicure at home

Express manicure is a great opportunity to always and everywhere to be in shape. However, sometimes you want to pamper yourself and your hands. In this case, rescue SPA treatments for hands. However, if time or funds don’t allow to do the procedure in the elephant, the SPA can arrange at home. Spending a SPA manicure at home, you can not just make your nails beautiful, but also rejuvenate, nourish, whiten the skin and to relax a little.

Pros: not just nail care, rejuvenation and nourishment of the skin, relaxation and a good time.

Disadvantages: requires a lot of time for meeting and training.

Materials and tools: peel, aromatic oil, sea salt, a bath, a nourishing mask for hands or oily cream, manicure set.

  1. Ideally, if the entire process will happen under the pleasant relaxing music. Do not be amiss to ignite aromasvichky and disconnect the phone.
  2. Nails free from nail Polish and correct their form.
  3. On hands to apply the scrub. RUB it with circular massage movements, slowly, enjoying the flavor of tools and process.
  4. In the tub with warm water, add salt, butter and immersed in the hands on a quarter of an hour. Before that, it is advisable to take a comfortable position, and the tray placed on her lap.
  5. Then hand dry with towel and lubricate the mask for hands or fat cream. You can prepare a nourishing mask at home or ready to use. On hand it is advisable to wear gloves or wrap it with a towel.
  6. After remove the cuticle, and if you want to apply varnish or colorless nutritious coating.
  7. For manicure at home is to choose a free evening to do it before bed when I have a chance to relax and not to rush.

Alternating these methods you can always be confident in the accuracy of their nails and beauty skin. Do not skimp on the care and Polish is the investment to pay off. Any nail Polish will last longer if you take care of the handle and to avoid direct contact with water and household chemicals.

Manicure at home

Let’s see what the professionals suggest — how to do a manicure at home.