Manicure fall 2019

What is the most fashionable manicure autumn 2014? Autumn always paints nature in bright new paint, and it is an occasion to decorate life in the same color. You can safely start doing it with their nails, to realize their even the most crazy ideas and a heated imagination. So, what manicure will be in Vogue this fall and winter, and what you should avoid in this season? (See. also nail designs 100 photos )

The shape and length of nails 2019 fall

Last season in preference of fashionistas had short fingernails, though long and was not forbidden. As for this season, the fashion dictates to us, flatly refuse long nails.

You need to wear the short, high medium length nails. On long nails square shape or pointed also to forget.

What shape is in fashion? By far is a form, as close to natural form, in the form of a regular oval.

Can be quite a bit of it sharpen. At the peak of popularity is very short nails, healthy, having a neat appearance without burrs.

To disguise any defects on your nails, like spots or bumps, can natural Polish shades (beige, Nude).

To the nail plate, which is naturally straight beautiful color just enough polishing or clear coating.

Manicure style Nude

A very humble style in a Nude manicure in Vogue a couple of years ago, during this time, he managed to significantly oust bright and unusual nail colors.

At the moment natural nails chose most of all designers of the world, and used them in his runway shows, autumn-winter 2019.

This manicure can be called a favorite of autumn 2019. After all, short manicured nails lacquered in beige or Nude attract much more male attention than any acute and long bright nails. Their men are generally considered very vulgar.

The most fashionable shades of nail art in manicure autumn 2019

The most fashionable colors this season are very bright saturated colors.

If you select some juicy, contrasting colors, combined with each other, and to combine them into one, and your manicure will match all the latest fashion trends. And no need to select a nail color under a dress, a handbag or lipstick – this is now unnecessary.

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