Beige nails

It is believed that the natural colors in the manicure gradually recede into the background, making way for brighter hues, but it really is not always the case. They just became more rich, deep and creative. How to make a trendy jacket in beige for day and evening outfit you’ll learn in this article.

Beige classic nails are not left fashion magazines. They just started to demand new patterns and textures. Here are the options of manicure will be trendy this summer.

How to make beige manicure — 5 options

1. Beige and peach. On a beige lacquer, you can do a water manicure with pink or peach stains, and sometimes with trendy shades of lilac. It is important that the texture is both varnishes were brushed without nacre.

This manicure will look beautiful on very short nails or nails of medium length. It will beautifully complement a casual style in clothes and dress in trendy purple tones.

2. Chocolate and condensed milk. Bright, almost white shades of beige color will be a festive look with Matt varnish all shades of chocolate. The texture is beige lacquer can be mother of pearl. Such coatings can be combined in a single figure, and to use a French chocolate and beige tones.

This manicure is perfect for a modern evening style and any outfit in Oriental style or Safari style beige color.

3. The hints of red pepper on a beige Polish, especially with the unusual sand textures also add to the charm of the East. They will look beautiful with the fashionable dresses the color of red pepper or fashionable shades of orange.

This can be accompanied by pictures of colour of bitter chocolate or a fashionable matte black rhinestones. This manicure is more appropriate for daytime and for evening.

4. Lilac and caramel. The unusual combination created for brown hair. These shades can be used as a fashionable manicure water provided that all the shades are glossy without shimmer and mother of pearl.

For bright image can be combined beige, brown and orange tones in vertical gradient manicure. They will look bright and modern, especially in combination with the rich shades of autumn colors.

5. Gradient manicure with different shades of beige and caramel color. It will allow to add vivid images with a predominance of blue, orange and red tones. One of the most fashionable options this summer.

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