Manicure craquelure

Season manicure craquelure not give up their positions. This unusual design of the nails have the taste as a lover of bright images, and the followers of understated classics. It has another name — “cracked nail Polish”.

In nail art, the term “crack” comes from painting: if you look closely to the old picture, we can see that the entire canvas or part Spremeni network of small cracks — this is craquelure.

Over time artists and designers have realized that this is an interesting technique for design, and now artificial craquelure is commonly used not only in art but also in nail art.


  • Rules for creating craquelure nail Polish
  • How to make “cracked nails”
  • Manicure craquelure photo
Manicure craquelure

Rules for creating craquelure nail Polish

To create a manicure craquelure we need is two Polish — basic, for the first colored layer visible through the cracks, and, in fact, nail Polish — crack.

In order to have a manicure craquelure was successful, you should follow the main rule: use colors that blend well with each other.

For a first experience can you buy krakelyurnogo varnish black or white — this option would be win-win, because these colors are quite versatile.

You will not regret it if you choose two colors with a difference in a couple of shades of blue and light blue, scarlet and dark red, lilac and purple, and so on. This manicure looks very elegant, especially if done just for image.

If the lacquer-based pearlescent shade, choose gold or silver lacquer-crack — this manicure looks elegant and festive, and great for parties.

White or light beige Foundation in combination with white krakelyurnogo varnish looks very stylish, but if the top light bases apply a thin coat of any crack Polish, you can get delicate porcelain effect.

Another result of krakelyurnogo varnish can be “pionowy manicure” imitating snakeskin — for this effect you need to apply a black base nail Polish and cover the top of any colour crack Polish.

Betonowy manicure

Even if you like to experiment with their appearance, think twice if nice will look red and green on your nails?

With caution choose a combination to prevent common mistakes (two bright “disputing” the colors may appear too rough, while yellow and white manicure gives pain; also do not combine black and brown colors, and brown with beige and green).

However, if you have a developed sense of taste, or the experience of the artist is to find a perfect combination you will not be difficult.

Cracked manicure

As a manicure craquelure promptly burst into nail art and became a fashionable trend, more and more manufacturers have begun to produce varnishes with the effect of craquelure, and the characteristics of paints from each manufacturer vary.

You have the possibility to choose separately varnishes to create a spider-craquelure — a network of fine cracks, and the air intake craquelure — cracks larger.

Craquelure from firms BarryM and China Glaze is distributed evenly on the nail, and the ratio of the area of the two colors is about fifty-fifty.

Lacquer-crackle from the manufacturer OPI is nail more space and cracks get wide. -Spider will provide craquelure varnish manufacturer’s Cover Girl — colored cracks work very, very thin.

Lucky crack is available in any major shopping Mall, cosmetics store or beauty salon, and the prices are affordable and depend only on the brand.

How to do a manicure craquelure

  1. You must first carry out a standard procedure — make a manicure to give the nail shape and cover the basis. The Foundation application is an important step, as it protects the surface of your nail from color nail Polish, prevents the appearance of yellow color, and also plays the role of primer — applied over Foundation material will hold better.
  2. Now apply nail color and let it dry before the end: it is a necessary condition for krakelyurnogo manicure.
  3. When a color base is completely dry, a thin layer put the nail crack. Please note that the thinner the layer krakelyurnogo varnish, especially the expression of cracks.
  4. At the end apply the top coat — it will make your nails smooth and long lasting manicure.

Technician paint-Python, as it is called, also, there are several. It can be applied in all directions. Even applying varnish in a circular motion, you not only don’t mess up the manicure, and will achieve the original effect!

The pattern of cracks obtained is always different, and you will not find in their hands of two identically looking nails — depending on the technique and direction of movement of the brush cracks spread in different ways. In short, there is a place to experiment!

Views on the “cracked nail Polish” are very different. There are those ladies that once you try the paint effect crackle literally fall in love with him and use his image constantly.

Craquelure manicure on short nails

Someone complains that this manicure looks a bit untidy, and some, deciding to try to do a manicure and craquelure having failed from the first experiment, abandon further experiments.

You can say exactly that this manicure requires the careful selection of shades of lipstick. And technique you can get the hand, since it does not require a lot of work and experience.

Definitely, manicure craquelure is the choice of the girls who like experiments and are not afraid to try something new. But you, lovers of low-key images, you should pay attention to it. The main thing is the skillful combination of colors, and is easy to learn.

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