Manicure for beginners

Hands can tell a lot about the woman, because of the condition of the hands and nails give her age, and at the first glance, you can see how much care they receive. Neat manicure — an integral part of the image of a modern lady, it is a best accessory to any outfit. Beautiful hands not only add confidence but will also help to leave a good impression. View new original manicure ideas with photos and description.

Care does not necessarily involve high costs and the regular appeal to the masters, although such an approach would deprive a woman of trouble. An alternative to the specified option is to create a manicure at home, and it is a feasible task, even for beginners.

Manicure for beginners step by step

Of course, learning all the nuances of nail design is a difficult task, but its execution is not necessary. For quality care you need to understand the technique of classical manicure and to learn the application of key figures that are relevant.

For example, a constant leader among the types of manicure speaks French, he is never out of fashion for many years. Moreover, there are numerous varieties of this manicure, which allow you to rid him of the monotony — there are both everyday and festive options.

Manicure and beautiful nails in any case require progress through certain stages. Let us consider a sequence of actions. It becomes misleading to believe that a manicure involves only the application of nail Polish.

It is not so fast. You must carry out a number of procedures that are only in the complex will give the desired effect.

Whitening nails

The first step is special masks or baths, through which you can strengthen and whiten nails. What are the secrets to whiten nails?

Unhealthy lifestyle, Smoking, constant exposure at the hands of chemicals, and other similar factors may lead to nail plate will acquire a yellowish tint.

But we should not despair and think that you have your whole life to be ashamed of his fingers. There are people ways that have proven over the years, they really work, and their use requires small costs, the use of the most common products that everyone will find at home.

Whitening with lemon

The best tool for this purpose — lemon. The mechanism of its effect is quite simple — just RUB the fresh lemon juice into the damaged areas below the nails back healthy. The procedure should be carried out daily, the duration of one stage for about 10 minutes.

However, be careful as some contact of lemon juice with the skin leads to the appearance of strong irritation. In the event of specified problems, do not completely reject the method, it is possible to convert, reducing the percentage of lemon juice in the whitening composition.

What kind of mixture you can make with lemon juice? You will need olive oil (one big spoon) and a few drops (about 3) essential oil, for example, cedar, bergamot. Add half a teaspoon of lemon juice. After the composition is thoroughly mixed, RUB it into the nail plate.

Whitening with baking soda

The second after lemon’s popularity whitening home remedy is soda. About its cleaning properties, has long been known, that is why Housewives and came up with baths with this substance to whiten nails.

How to make the tray? Soda and salt are mixed in equal proportions – a spoon, after which the dry mixture is poured two cups of water, but only warm. Here and also add lemon juice (3-4 drops). All, you can start a home procedure. Dip into a liquid the arm and hold it here for about 20 minutes.

Whitening with hydrogen peroxide

Finally, another way to forget about yellow nails is to use hydrogen peroxide. But this means extra caution is required because the cuticle can be irritated by such a compress, so does the solution not more than 3%.

Peroxide mixed with glycerin in the right proportion is 1 to 5, after which the resulting mixture is lubricated nail plate. The duration of exposure of no more than three minutes, otherwise can be negative side effects. Daily this procedure is not recommended, at least with a break of one day.

Strengthen nails

Let’s move on to the next section of nail care, that is, the ways to strengthen them.

The first way to strong nails – bath with the addition of iodine. To obtain healing the floor-spoons of salt dissolved in a glass of warm water, which add about six drops of iodine. Hands dipped in the resulting liquid and keep for 15-20 minutes. Since the iodine dries the skin, after using the firming procedure it is recommended to apply hand cream.

No less popular method of strengthening the nail plate mask with the addition of such ingredients as red pepper. Pepper acts not only as a tonic but also speeds up the process of nail growth.

The mask is manufactured as follows. It is based on any greasy hand cream, all it takes is one spoon. Here you add half a teaspoon of pepper, ground red suit, and then poured into a mixture of a small amount of boiled water.

The mask is mixed until homogeneous, and then for 10 minutes, placed in a water bath. The next stage is cooling the composition to room temperature, after which it can be applied to the nails. This mask should stay on your nails for around 20 minutes, and then the mixture is washed off with warm water.

The recipe is quite complex, although its effectiveness has been proved empirically. However, there are precautions to keep in mind — don’t use the red pepper in the form described above more times during the month.

When passed the stage of hand care, can be say that they are fully prepared for further cosmetic effect. Regular manicures don’t take much time, just select the hour.

What are the tools, tools are needed the girl, who decided to come to grips with the beauty of their hands?

  • nail file (regular and polishing);
  • tweezers;
  • nail clippers;
  • orange stick for cuticles;
  • nail brush.

Separately, refer to the question of choosing the right nail file because errors in the acquisition of this tool can cause damage to your nails in the future. In the presence of weak nails that flake, fit fine glass nail file. It will not only gently sanded the surface of your nails, but also to give them the desired shape.

If the nails of the girl is healthy and strong, you can buy a sapphire nail file, one that has several different surfaces. When buying you need to check the plane, which will directly affect the nail plate. If you hold it with a finger, a quality brush will not scratch the skin, its surface is smooth, almost felt protruding elements.

A very coarse nail file (coarse) is suitable only for those women who have built up the nails. For their nails, such tools can prove to be disastrous, such treatment will only hurt them.

Experts do not recommend to buy nail file with metal base, will be more delicate rubber or cardboard options.

The right decision is to consult with the seller who can give good advice tailored precisely to your needs.

Steps for beginners manicure

The first step is to remove the old Polish. Assistant in this case becomes a special fluid, the choice of which is wide enough. It is recommended not to buy liquids that contain acetone because it dries the nails, promotes breakage. The liquid is applied on a cotton ball in a small amount, after which the nails are cleaned with this tool.

The nail shaping

Now start giving the nails desired length and shape. The girl whose nails are distinguished by their hardness, can cut away with nail scissors, and owners of strong nails it is better to resort to using pliers. The wizard does not suggest to rasp and cut the corners of the nails too deep.

As for polishing the nail plate and bring their form to the ideal – only dry nails can be treated by using a nail file. Movements have to be performed in a certain way, strictly from the side of the fingers to the center.

Choice of nail shape is an individual matter, but in many ways suitable to a specific girl form depends on what kind of structure is peculiar to her fingers. If they are long, your option would be square, and those women whose fingers are quite short and full of the perfect solution is of an oval or pointed nails, which will create the visual effect of making the arms longer length.

Removal of cuticle

After the shape and length are having a girl, it is possible to work with the cuticle. First, this area of the skin is softened, for which it is possible to apply trays or special oil/gel to the cuticle. Typically, such a means is applied to the cuticle, and after two or three minutes you can take a stick and push the cuticle skin.

The more effective you soften the cuticle, the easier and faster will be its removal. Excess skin removed with tweezers or special rounded scissors that requires high precision and care.

Polishing nails

The next step is to Polish the nail plate, which use a special nail file — buff. Polishing is necessary in order that the varnish went as evenly as possible. After polishing nails, washed under running water so they had no dust or dirt. Now just need to cover the nail varnish platinum.


The choice of nail Polish is also completely individual. To the fore the preference of the owner of the nails, additionally, should be taken into account and a combination of any shade with skin color.

  • If the girl has tanned hands or by nature has dark skin, she can opt for warm shades of lipstick, the perfect variants — orange, Burgundy.
  • If your skin is pale pink — the spectacular will be a red manicure.
  • When the skin is pale, buy a white nail Polish or similar shades.

Applying nail Polish for any woman is the most dangerous and difficult procedure. But with some training, this process for you to lose the complexity. The most resistant manicure will get when you apply on the nail at three coats.

The first will be the Foundation that will prevent the nail plate from the appearance of yellow color, it also provides a uniform distribution of the color layer. After the base has dried, apply directly to the selected nail color.

Just one layer, but in some cases saturation is acquired only after two coats of varnish. When the varnish has dried, the final step is the application of a clear protective layer to prevent chips of colored lacquer and burnout. Again, it is important to wait until the manicure is completely dry.

When choosing the design of nails, the main thing to remember that any nail Polish should be appropriate. Daily life does not require nails too creative patterns, there is a classical design.

However, the holiday or the party will be an occasion for the manifestation of your imagination to the full, then you can draw something original, but without going over the edge of creativity and bad taste.

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