Manicure “Juicy watermelon”

Summer brings warm days, lush greenery and abundance of fruit. And to get in touch with vivid colors and saturated hues, the girls borrowed all the colours not only for their outfits, but also to create a manicure. Juicy nail art design with fruity elements will suit the tastes of confident fashionistas.

Interesting imitation of nail art will help to create a simple fruits. But the particular combination of contrasting colors of black, red and green — it gives a ripe watermelon.

Manicure "Juicy watermelon"

Nail design “Juicy watermelon”

Manicure “Juicy watermelon” is committed to ensuring that the way girls are attractive, bright and really refreshing. Invented design of manicure is not difficult, although the main difficulty lies in the proper selection of shades of lipstick.

You need to choose the right real natural color and create a natural pattern. And only then we can say with certainty that the selected nail design “Watermelon” happened.

A wide palette of paints will help you to create the perfect manicure in the selected style.

Accessories and tools for manicure “Juicy watermelon”:

  • A basis under manicure
  • green or dark green varnish (imitation peel watermelon);
  • light-green nail Polish (strips for watermelon);
  • pink or red nail Polish (the pulp);
  • black or dark-colored varnish (creating strips and sunflower seeds);
  • lacquer in white (the drawing of the veins and the highlights on the pattern);
  • brush a thin or dots (for sharp lines fine details);
  • the nail fixer to cover.

Steps create nail design “Juicy watermelon”

To design your nails turned out flawless, start drawing from previous preparation. Apply with a nail file the desired shape nails, remove the cuticle orange stick, remove old nail Polish with a special liquid, do a full obezjanku the nail plate. After all prepared procedures, wash hands thoroughly and dry them.

Phase 1

Nails cover with a colourless base in several layers. Each layer needs to dry well, so do the intervals between colouring.

Stage 2

Procrasinate green paint entire nail plate. If the layer is not dyed, apply the varnish again and allow it to dry.

Step 3

A fine brush on a green background, draw arc white. Try to do the pattern as evenly as possible, because your skill depends the whole beauty of your manicure. Give a white line to dry.

Step 4

Also on green background applied light-green stripes (black streaks cover). They can smooth lines.

Step 5

After dry white lacquer, red or pink color is applied to “the flesh.” Painting need to perform so that the shades do not merge with each other.

Step 6

Along the border of red or pink fine brush with black color drawn “watermelon seeds”. For a more accurate figure, varnish of white color and a fine brush drawn with a slight glare strip.

Step 7

In the final stage of the nails reveal the colorless binder and dried until fully cured.

Important: when you create such a design with a small drawback is that you have to carefully select the identical shades and wait some time for complete drying of the nails.

Manicure “Juicy watermelon” to help make your look fresh and summer mood. Draw and get your creative inspiration!



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