Nails Knitted “Sweater”

If you will follow the pace the fashion trends in nail art, you certainly should pay attention to this season’s “crochet manicure”. The name he took from an associative warm knitted sweaters, which are so necessary in the winter. That is why fashionistas fell in love with this manicure. In combination with the sweater your manicure perfectly accentuate the image. And you are the owner of fashion nails. You don’t have to run to the salon. Now the possibility is not limited. You only need the availability of material and good mood.

How to make a knitted manicure

It does not need to look in the closet an old sweater and make fun of him. To create this manicure clothing should not be affected. The effect of tight-knit you can create using gel Polish.

For knitted manicure you will need:

  1. Base (basis) is necessary for a good bond to the nail plate and lacquer. The basis of vitaminized, so can improve the condition of nails. The tool also prevents the penetration of pigment substances of colored lacquer into the nail plate. It is recommended to apply a thin base layer, otherwise the varnish will not last you a long time.
  2. Colored lacquer. You should choose out of personal preference. However, if we are talking about the winter sweaters, it is better to choose pastel colors. Especially if they are at the peak of popularity in the season. Naturalness is what must be present not only in makeup, but also manicure 2016.

To create a beautiful manicure you can choose two colors – beige with a pink tint and white. So the image will not be boring.

Apply the varnish to a thin layer very carefully. And on one hand it is fashionable to use two of varnish. This trend is kept quite firmly in the leading position. Just painted nails the same color is no surprise.

After applying a thin layer need to dry the varnish. Then proceed to the art. Orange stick or brush to apply the pattern. What kind of figure — it all depends on your desires and fantasies.

The main thing is to observe the characteristic features of warm knit: sturdy harnesses, netting, yarn. It is associated with a sweater.

On the surface apply a small drop of nail Polish selected colors. The wand or brush to collect a small amount and draw the appropriate pattern. And so on all the nails.

The top coating must be after dry nail color. When it dries, according to the rules you need to remove the sticky layer with a special tool or alcohol.

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