Manicure Ombre 2018

French manicure is probably one of the most popular of its kind. In 2018, it is possible to create on the basis of long nails, it is important to generate a design of nails, which immediately rushed to the eyes. So, stylists recommend to choose for French manicure oval nails or nails-stilettos. But the tip of the nail to draw the most unusual coverings including mirrored manicure, the nail plate is translucent and bright nail polishes and matte nail polishes. The latter, incidentally is one of the main trends in 2018. French design with a matte tip looks incredibly stylish and bright. Choose French nail designs, reverse French, with a variety of drawings that are in unison with our time.

Modern nails is really different from those we used to see earlier. In particular, in 2018 at the peak of popularity are these drawings on the nail plate, which demonstrate the art painting portraits of famous people, real pictures of animals and stuff. Many girls prefer to create a manicure in the style of pop art, which shows the individual parts, and labels, lips and so on. In 2018 also popular figures in the form of birds and other animals.

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Here the emphasis on sequins

Sequins has always been a great tool for creating a stylish image, as well as making the nail plate striking design. However, in 2018 sequins becomes the most important trend of the season. If you think about it, they filled almost every manicure. And if sequins are not located at each nail plate, then on the ring finger exactly. What sequins you should pay attention to? First of all, pay attention to the small sequins that suggest a metal powder finely. But the color doesn’t matter, despite the fact that stylists emphasize the brighter will be the sequins, the better.

Manicure in a minimalist style

If you want to update your image, pay attention to the manicure in a minimalist style. It involves not only the monochrome colors, but the classic designs on the nails. We are talking about fine lines, geometric shapes in correct proportions, as well as a variety of stripes. Manicure in a minimalist style will be perfect solution for every day That stylists recommend to run it without decoration and using a black and white palette of tones. Will look great manicure in a minimalist style based on beige nail Polish.

Manicure Ombre

New Ombre manicure involves the most unusual combination cover and unusual cover. We are talking about the combination of glossy and matte texture of the nail Polish. In addition, stylists recommend to combine the mirror and powder manicure in one. Modern Ombre manicure is applied using a special Spray gun, which allows you to make the nail plate perfectly smooth and regular. Note the Ombre in pastel colours, the best combination of means beige and pink Foundation. On the basis of the Ombre manicure is fashionable to create a variety of designs on the nails.

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