Manicure for short nails summer 2018

We will prove that manicure on short nails – it is stylish, chic and very beautiful! There is a misconception that for a beautiful and smooth nail Polish need to grow nails. And the longer the neater and more attractive it will look. But actually this is a misconception, and it is high time to dispel.


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Treatment and care of short nails

Not to say that short nogotochki not need any special care. On the contrary, he just needs them, just has a slightly different specificity. But first you need to figure out who and why short nails?

First, young mothers who have small children. Fear of scratching the baby, women are often remove their beautiful, long fingernails, and then you just don’t know what to do with them next.

Furthermore, they do not all grow well, and often do not help any of the baths: they just break off or flake, grow to a certain size.

And finally, not all professions allow you to flaunt centimeter “stilettos”, even if you really want. In General, short nails is sometimes a necessity, sometimes the only possibility. And in the current season and the latest fashion. And they also need careful maintenance.

First of all, you should decide what type of manicure is preferable: cut or not cut. They, unlike hardware manicure, every woman can make herself at home. What is the difference?

Manicure on short nails

Edged manicure on short nails – this is when the cuticle is completely removed. To carry out the procedures will need a special tool.

Before you begin the process, the fingers are well-steamed: it makes the cuticle soft and pliable and helps prevent blood.

First, carefully remove the excess length (if any), give a beautiful shape. Here there is one rule: your fingers look attractive, nails should protrude beyond the pads by about a millimeter. Then it will be aesthetically pleasing, and lovely.

When the nail is clipped and processed, you can delete the cuticle. It is a special fluid developed for this procedure.

And then peel easily and carefully trimmed nail scissors. This, in fact, confined the main difference from the edging manicure. When the cuticle is only extended to the side, but not cropped.

Next, you need to give your nails time to rest. About an hour and a half. And then you can begin to paint.

How to paint short nails?

Short nails almost always look well-groomed, effectively and accurately. They break at the most unexpected moment and, moreover, have recently led fashion trends.

And yet a manicure on short nails has its own rules. If a woman knows and respects them, her manicured hands always make a great impression on others.

  1. Rule one: must always be applied as the basis! First, it makes the manicure brighter and more durable, not allowing the varnish to fly around the edges. Secondly, smoothes the nail surface, strengthening it and preparing for the application of color.
  2. The second rule. Never shake the varnish before applying! It will not achieve anything, except that there will be air bubbles. Then they would nullify all efforts aimed at a smooth and homogeneous coating application.
  3. The third rule. Often manicure on short nails should be bright and colorful. Very nice look it is a contrast, flashy colors, and they are now in fashion. Pastel, delicate shades a bit lost, if the nails are short, and it is better to decorate with bright rhinestones, or images.
  4. The fourth rule. If you choose stripes, in any case not horizontal, they’ll only make things worse. But vertical, on the contrary, visually elongated nail, will make it neater and more attractive. Very impressive look and patterns of polka dots, small flowers or animal patterns.
  5. Rule the fifth. Looks great on short nails a different color of lacquer, they can be combined and combined with each other.
Bright manicure on short nails

Should not be decorated with many rhinestones, sparkling better than the “pebbles” to consolidate on only one nail of each hand.

Like any other business, a manicure requires a careful approach and always good mood. This creative process, in which a woman can realize their wildest fantasies, to try new techniques and tools.

The more that the modern beauty industry offers a huge variety of different fixtures to create the beautiful appearance of the female claws.

In General, it is important to remember that the manicure on short nails will look good only if the hands in General have a well-groomed and beautiful look. And to achieve this goal it is important not to forget about nourishing creams, medicinal baths and General healthy lifestyle.

Manicure on short nails photos





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