Manicure set — how to choose

The assurances of the archaeologists already 15,000 years ago, people used sea shells as nail files. First found in the pyramids of Ancient Egypt scissors account for about 4 000 years. Museums are the scissors of Ancient Rome aged at least 2,000 years, scissors, belonged to the Gauls and the Vikings, the age of no less than 1000 years. Surviving the scissors of the Moscow Principality date back to around the fifteenth century. No sources of those times do not tell us about individual nail scissors.


  • The evolution of a manicure set
  • The minimum set for manicure

Manicure set — the story of the emergence

In the XVI century French ladies short trimmed nails and polished them with a plate with a chamois (buff) with a special polishing powder.

In the early nineteenth century appeared the first sets. They were not actually the nail, consisted of universal scissors and knife for cutting paper, but were kept in a special metal casing which is convenient in military campaigns and travels.

At about this same time and sets of scissors of various sizes and purposes in the metal, but a bit of a modified cover. Ladies ‘ sets were kept in a special little wooden drawers, which over time transformed into boxes, and then in just a box, which was conveniently stored and transported.

Over time, the kits came of nail files, posery with hooks and a felt polishing pad.

1830 saw the advent of metal manicure tools. As the French king Louis XV had problems with inflamed Burr, the court doctor just had to create a special metal tool for nail care.

So began the procession manicure set from royalty to court, and just wealthy people.

At the same time to metal objects in the set were added, and the wand (which, incidentally, is almost not changed until today) for moving away the cuticle of the orange tree.

In the mid-nineteenth century in Russia was a pair of scissors with the nail file on the wide side. They received wide acclaim in the country and abroad were awarded at the exhibition in London medal.

In the last decade of the nineteenth century began the history of development and change manicure set. Added items, changed, combined and decorated with inlaid, gilded, bone handles.

Stormy winds of change in the twenties of the twentieth century touched a manicure set. Classic manicure set in 1930 consisted of nail files, scissors, pillows out of felt and a few dealers. Tweezers or clippers began to appear in the nail sets in after the middle of the twentieth century.

The average manicure set for home use the second half of the twentieth century, two pairs of scissors, clippers, nail files and three pushers with plastic handles (they broke) in a plastic flat pouch with a zipper was a “miracle” design of Soviet industry.

Today at the nail set in covers of different shapes and of different materials can be found:

  1. scissors, three types of wide and short blades;
  2. nail clippers;
  3. crystal nail file or diamond-coated;
  4. universal nail file;
  5. polishing Baffin (remember a plate with a piece of suede?);
  6. trimmer (appeared to remove the Burr with the finger of the king of France);
  7. spatula scraper;
  8. spatula “Horse hoof”;
  9. sticks of orange tree (advanced age does not make them less popular).

All of these items, or at least part of them can be found in every woman, and probably almost every man.

The minimum set for a home manicure

At the present time to do the manicure yourself without asking for help, simply. All the necessary facilities can be found in specialized stores.

There are a number of tools that just need to have to be able to make a beautiful manicure: manicure scissors, tweezers for removal of excess skin, a nail file, rectangular spatula to work with the cuticle clippers to remove cuticle and the nail file for polishing the nail surface.

These tools are the minimum set that should be in every woman that she had the opportunity to do the usual manicure. Professionals use essentially the same devices, however, the options of a tool can vary.

In addition, the professionals use many modern means of processing of nails to make more comfortable and easier.

Nail scissors

It is perhaps the most important subject among the manicure implements. The scissors are very different. Some of them are designed for trimming nails and gently exfoliates excess skin, while others remove the cuticle and burrs. When choosing scissors, note not only their appearance, but also to tool material.

Excellent results in the work show tools stainless steel hand sharpened. Better buy once expensive the good scissors that will last you long and provide the best manicure.

When working with this tool, it should be remembered that their purpose is cropping the excess part of the nail plate and the skin around it. Don’t need scissors to clean the dirt from the back of the nail or to use for processing the cuticle.


This tool is also used to trim nails and get rid of the burrs. Tweezers are often easier to use than scissors, as their parts, which are made of special, durable metals, are connected with a spring.

Most often, the tweezers is used when you need to remove those defects of nails and skin, which can not remove the scissors. This tool needs to be not only safe, but comfortable, so when choosing, it is recommended to check sharpening the tweezers. They should carefully remove the burrs, not to tear them.

How to choose nail clippers — expert advice

View a very helpful video — how to choose tweezers (or nail clippers).

Nail file

Nail file is used to give the nail shape. Now available a variety of types of this tool. The blade can be made of metal having abrasive or fine-grained coating to be glass or paper on a cardboard base.

This choice will allow every woman to find her nail file, which will be of suitable shape, size and color. The blade need to choose, based on the structure of the nail. For example, if a woman has thin and brittle nails, it is better to choose a glass nail file as metal solid flooring is very easy to damage your nail more.

The spatula to work with the cuticle

Important part of any manicure is the removal of the cuticle, which is a thin layer of skin around the nail plate. To make it easier to do this, the skin first needs a little push. For these purposes, a special spatula, which can be very different forms. Such devices come in metal, wood or plastic.

For manicure at home suggest to use a spatula of wood, because it will not greatly injure the place around the nail even if used incorrectly. If the spatula has a sharp edge shape, it is used to clean the space under the nail. Now very popular spatula is made of orange tree.

Nail file for polishing the nail surface

In addition to the nail files, giving the nail form, manicure nail file is used, which polishes the surface of the nail plate. Its coating is much softer, so the care of the nail surface is more smooth, the nail is not damaged, and carefully polished.

I must say that for the polishing of nail professionals are widely used various means, which include abrasive elements. In this case, instead of nail file you use the brush.

As additional items for a home manicure, you can use the special baths in which it is convenient to steam the skin around the nails before the procedure, and the tools to remove the cuticle, softening it when applying and making a more comfortable skin removal.

Don’t forget before you apply the tools to process them. For this you can use any alcohol solution to avoid an infection during a manicure. Disinfect the supplies you need and after the procedure. So not only the tools will be in order, but also your nails.