Manicure with cats

I love cats, respectively, I really like the manicure with the cats. I have accumulated a lot of photos — the most beautiful, amazing nail designs with cats. I decided to collect them all in one photo gallery. Also present are two small master class and a video tutorial, how to draw cats on the nails.

Manicure with cats photos

French manicure with cats
Very beautiful black cat nails
Velvet design

All about the Velvet manicure

French manicure with a cat.

Red French manicure with cats

Manicure with cats — how to make

Option 1

Here is a step by step diagram — how to draw a beautiful black cat.

Option 2 — from cat lovers

Manicure with cats video

See how you can make a beautiful nail design with cats, look for one a little forgotten, but a beautiful song.

Cm. Oil for nails