Manicure with foil

Let’s look at how to make this beautiful, shiny manicure with foil. With foil on the nails can create an unimaginable extravaganza of pictures, colors and ideas, combining different textures, fabrics and colours. The main thing is to experiment, not stopping, because the only way a chance to achieve perfection.


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  • How to do a manicure with foil?
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If you choose the right outfit and jewelry, especially rings and bracelets, the way to get a truly unique and Royal.

However, it is not necessary to do a manicure with foil, if there is no willingness to be on everyone’s mind. Nails seem to be not ambitious enough for that part of the body? In vain, because the image of the ideal women every detail is important, and men, even if pretend, repeating back, really notice everything!

Therefore, if the desire to be the object of admiring looks hard enough, you can begin to manicure with foil is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. (See. Manicure with rhinestones).

Tools and materials

For this we need:

  1. Foil
  2. The scissors of high quality surgical steel and sharpened
  3. Tweezers
  4. Cotton and orange sticks
  5. Nail Polish
  6. Base and top coat for them

The truth behind the foil will have to go to a special shop, as usual in any case will not work – nail designs with using it simply will not work. Cosmetic foil manicure a softer structure, and therefore much better suited to make various patterns and ornament.

There are several types and it should immediately decide which of all the required. So there is a holographic foil, and is embossed or engraved, as well as with a protective film. It is sold with sheets, rolls or strips, and can be of various colors and textures. Therefore, the choice to make.

Foil manicure

How to do a manicure with foil?

Of course, before you start work, you should not forget to tidy up the nails and remove the cuticle (but in any case it is impossible to cut it with scissors).

After the standard procedure of gluing on the nail foil using clear coat, and better special glue that she will stay longer.

Let’s look at two ways of applying foil on the nails:

The first option — the nail is completely covered with foil.

For this variant we need a special glue. Conventional or clearcoat is not suitable. And a special foil, which looks like this:

Special foil manicure

In itself it is very fragile, so work with it better, using forceps or tweezers. They need to flatten the foil to the substrate.

1. Apply glue on the nails. When a basis is lacquer, it is better to wait for complete drying, then apply the glue.

2. To attach the foil to the surface of the nail.

3. Gently smooth it with a cotton or orange stick.

4. To remove the base.

5. When gluing the foil gone, you should fix the result and to put from above a top cover. However, in the case that the loss of even a bit of sparkle is a disaster, you can do without it.

But it is better if the foil is with a special film that protects it from damage.

View video how to make a beautiful mirror manicure with foil:

How to make moon manicure with foil

How to make moon manicure with foil

See how you can make such original moon manicure.

Another version of this manicure:

The second option isa manicure with a tear-off foil

Manicure with peel-off foil

The most creative designers designs for nails strongly against the first option and offer to do everything exactly the opposite.

For this purpose the nail is glued to the foil, but not a continuous layer, but only attached to the plate in some places.

Then off everything that didn’t get on the adhesive and gives an interesting abstract pattern.

Or you can prepare in advance small pieces of foil and put on the nails, as shown below:

Foil for peelable nail Polish

View video, how to make a beautiful manicure with a tear-off foil:

How to cover nail plate depends on the imagination. You can do the whole nail, and you can only do stripes, or cover all but a smile.

If you like small details, you have to love and fine work, and all of the desired nail fish, stars and flowers cut by hand, can be even different for each nail.

Manicure with foil

It is best to cut the material into thin strips, and then from them to make a drawing or a composition.

Every girl dreams that her hands were the most beautiful, elegant and velvety, achieving this is often spend a lot of time dermatologists or manicure.

Last, to please his clients came up with the perfect way to give your nails an expensive look of noble metals. They do not have to use gold, silver or platinum. You need to make the manicure with foil.

Manicure with foil photo