Manicure with hearts

We present you a very beautiful manicure with hearts. Valentine’s day a relatively new holiday for us. It is a day of romance and a time when couples go all out to Express their love. Many couples really love this holiday, ready and waiting.

On this day, all lovers want to impress your second half. Not necessarily to deliver cards and gifts, for example, you can write a poem, prepare a homemade surprise gift or to make an unusual manicure with hearts for Valentine’s Day with words of recognition for your favorite. Because this special gift will be remembered forever.


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A permanent symbol of St. Valentine’s day, of course, hearts.

Manicure on Valentine’s Day with inscriptions

Manicure with hearts and the inscription

Isn’t it easier these romantic words just write on the nails, because not everyone has the courage to say them aloud.

Manicure on Valentine’s Day with inscriptions

French manicure with hearts

French manicure with hearts

French manicure with hearts

Cm. also French photo

The delicate design of nails

Hearts do not necessarily have to be red. It all depends on your imagination.

Holiday decor for one nail on Valentine’s Day

Velvet nail art design with hearts

Velvet nail art design with hearts

Newspaper manicure on Valentine’s Day

All about manicure from the newspaper here.

Manicure for Valentine’s Day on long nails

Manicure on Valentine’s Day on short nails

Manicure on Valentine’s Day — how to make

1 way

The easiest and most common way is to simply paint with acrylic paints. But this requires some experience and skill.

Let’s consider the most simple way, how to draw a heart on your nails with a toothpick and nail Polish.





2 way

For such a manicure need a kit for stamping. These kits cost about 1000-2500 RUB. and then can come in handy more than once. After all, it is very fast to apply beautiful patterns on the nails.

The kit includes:

  • stamp
  • scraper
  • the nail Polish for stamping
  • plates with patterns

First and foremost, we must pick up the plate with a suitable pattern is hearts, kisses, balloons, romantic inscriptions, etc. Plates for stamping are sold separately in specialized stores.

  1. First to the plate with the pattern the varnish is applied and then removed the excess with a scraper.
  2. On the stamp to imprint the pattern from the plate
  3. To transfer the stamp pattern on the nails
  4. Cover your festive manicure top coating.

A manicure with hearts is very accurate, the pictures are crisp, not smeared and are all the same size. Besides, it is possible to combine different variants of illustrations and colors.

View video how to use this set for stamping:

3 way

Manicure with hearts with special stickers does not require artistic abilities, but the drawings on the nails look very impressive. To date, the choice of these labels is just huge, and on Valentine’s Day will not be difficult to choose the right design.

View video how to make a festive manicure with hearts with stickers:

4 way

It is very easy to do at home shellac manicures with hearts using a conventional adhesive tape.

Manicure with hearts with tape

5 way

To go to the salon and make a beautiful manicure on Valentine’s Day in a professional.

A memorable day for all Lovers is a wonderful time to Express your love and gratitude for what you have each other. The most important thing is to be together and to appreciate every moment, enjoy each other’s company this day, and let love will always be with you!

Beautiful Nail designs with Hearts for Valentine’s Day video lesson

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