Manicure with lace

Beautiful manicure with laces always attached to the hands of grace and elegance. Very delicate and romantic lace has deservedly taken its rightful place in nail art and in a short time became very popular. Because with their help you can get a manicure party and pick up lace evening dress. Or choose the delicate, pure white lace for wedding manicure.

In any case, with the lace manicure always looks elegant, original and luxurious.


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  • Wedding manicure with lace
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Manicure with lace — how to make

There are three ways how to do a manicure with lace, let’s look at them individually.

1 way

Decorate your nails with real lace. You can choose any lace, netting, or even tulle. It will need very little — just enough to cover the surface of your nails.

But there is a manicure with lace, decorated with only two when the nail. In any case, the technology is the same.

1. Manicure, to lead nails in order to remove the cuticle and give proper shape to the nails.

2. To prepare the lace. It is desirable that it was combined with the color of the dress or accessories.

2. Cut the lace according to the size of each nail.

3. Apply to one nail varnish.

4. To attach the lace, slightly pressed on it.

5. When the varnish dries, apply two coats of top coating. It’s not just gluing lace, but also adds glitter to the nails.

Manicure with lace is ready!

This is the most common option. Basis, that is, varnish can be any color of your choice like lace, which are used for design.

Here is an example of bright design using our favorite glamorous color.

If your chosen lace is very dense, it is possible to use a special glue for nails.

2 way

The market today, you can find a special manicure with lace. Or order them online.

Manicure with lace

They are very nice on the nails, as these lace created specifically for nail art, have exquisite patterns and flowers, which will fit perfectly on your nails.

You can choose any color, pattern, ornaments with sequins and kits for the French manicure.

Technology application to the nails is the same as in the first method. But some sets are available in the form of stickers, which greatly facilitates the process of applying lace to nails.

3 way

This method is also very popular, but unlikely to do it yourself. Because the patterns of lace to apply on your nails a thin brush with acrylic paints.

For this we need to have some experience and skill or have an art education.

But even in this case, very few people will be able to draw with my left hand too, in tiny clear patterns. Therefore, it is necessary to turn to professionals in the nail salons.

Wedding manicure with lace

This manicure with lace as if specially created for the delicate wedding dress.

Wedding manicure with lace

Very often a manicure with lace make for artificial nails. Indeed, in this case lace, sealed with gel or acryl, ideally hold a minimum of two weeks, i.e. before the first correction.

Try to do a manicure with lace, I’m sure he will not remain unnoticed!

Manicure with lace — lace on the nails photo

The following photos of the manicure with a lace from website Bibulle Nail Art.