Manicure with shadow — magic smoke

Wherever a woman how much money she had available, she always strives to look my best. Children, work, household chores, Laundry, Ironing service, kitchen time for myself is not so much, but both want to be on top, even going to the store for shopping! Coiffed hair, neat clothes and, of course, well-groomed nails make a woman a woman. But how to do everything?

Make a wonderful and unique manicure even at home, the most simple varnish, if you show a little patience and imagination. With shadows you can make even stunning wedding manicure.

How to make a manicure with eye shadow

In this article we will focus on fairly simple to implement technique of coating nails. It will not take much of your time, but will look very gently and effectively.

This type of manicure is especially relevant, if the woman has no free time to visit the beauty salon, or when suddenly the planned celebrations remain a matter of hours. You can easily use this technique to save time. Remarkably, your makeup and nails will look very harmonious and elegant.

This type of manicure will be, by the way, when you want to achieve natural shades that do not cause and are not “flashy”.

So, you will need:

  • standard tools for performing a manicure (trimming, dry or Euro-your choice);
  • nail clippers 1st and 3rd sizes;
  • oil for cuticles;
  • the shadows used in make-up;
  • transparent Polish, base and top coat;
  • sequins optional;
  • contrasting the Polish of your choice.

In this example, consider a variant of a combination of materials: fine gold glitter, varnish gold color, black eyeshadow with glitter.

Technique manicure with shadows

Preparing the nails for coating, cover them with lacquer base. Then take the oil and gently, not getting out on the nail, coat the cuticle and cracks near the edge of the nail plate. This is done in order to make it easier to remove the remnants of shadows that fall on the skin in the process of applying to the surface of your nails.

Now apply a thin layer of transparent nail Polish on the first nail, and immediately draw the free edge of Golden varnish. It can be smooth arch or asymmetrical stripes on one side, tending to the base of the nail, with the other barely reaching the corner of the free edge, the vertical, horizontal, oblique stripes, balls, geometric shape, gradient, anything, depending on your preference.

Next, using a thin brush, draw a slightly pressing movements with black stripes along the Golden nail Polish with eye shadow. Then, a thicker brush, do stretches from dense to translucent zakresu.

Cover with clear varnish. The edge of the nail lightly sprinkle sequins and fasten. Do the same manipulations with the rest of the nails. After the Polish dries, gently remove excess shadow from the skin around the nails.

Now the manicure is finished. However, it should be mentioned that if a few nails to draw gold black patterns with simple lines, the coating will look no less important, especially when the makeup is done using black eyeliner.

Doing a manicure with shadows, most importantly, remember that only the imagination and boldness of imagination will help to achieve the best results and impressive designs.

Video — how to do a manicure with shadows master class