Mens haircuts spring 2018

For the new season, designers have prepared a special solution which is based on the asymmetrical and voluminous haircuts with shaved temples. Today we will talk about what hairstyles and haircuts important to create this spring. We will focus on the most popular mens spring haircuts of the season, who claim to be the main trends.

Haircut box Universal male haircut the box not only looks original, but is very popular among men of all ages. It sports a haircut that provides the length of the strands is not more than 1-2 cm it Looks very bright and attractive, especially if you add shaved temples or shaven head. Box haircut will suit owners of thin hair and thinning hair because it adds volume. But to put her recommend with a light mousse for hair. You simply apply a small amount of spray to the roots of the hair, and then lightly beat them with your hands.

The Bob Haircut

The Bob haircut a great mens hairstyle for short hair, which in 2018 is gaining momentum. The Bob haircut can assume asymmetric line, also the additional volume and layered cuts. Many masters today are advised to carry out a cut Bob paired with graduations. This will help to make hair more vibrant and voluminous. Maybe that is why many men prefer to create just such a haircut. Bob is also the creative option of hairstyle that is suitable for absolutely any age. So, if you add asymmetrical lines and a side part, it is suitable for men up to 30 years. More complex variants without parting from the side asymmetrical bangs is suitable for men after 30.
Haircut undercut
Want to create beautiful creative hairstyle? For the spring season stylists recommend to take a look at the haircut in the style undercut. It’s pretty bright trends that are in fashion for several seasons. However, in 2018 haircut undercut acquire a new bout of popularity. It is becoming more radical and unusual. Today undercut haircut stylist recommended to wear paired with a shaved head and a curtain. The bulk of hair may be completely different a long. And in addition, stylists recommend to pay attention to the combination of long beard and shaved temples paired with a haircut undercut. Creative models of short haircuts undercut also suggest shaved head, as well as drawings throughout part of the hair shaven.

Mens haircuts spring 2018

Shaved parting

Mens hairstyles spring 2018 also have their nuances. So, for example, take a look at model hairstyles with a shaved side parting, as they are in trend today. However, to shave the parting should be with special thin nozzle on the machine to do everything clearly and beautifully. This trend is quite new and it goes great in a pair of oblique side bangs. Paired with a shaved side parting Can also be combined as the

Bob hairstyle and haircut undercut.

In 2018 haircut Double caret becomes one of the most popular of its kind. This is a great men’s haircut in sporty style which suits the owners of thick hair. Haircut Double caret involves medium length hair, with a modern twist and it is a condition of the volumetric calibration. Haircut look incredibly dynamic and vibrant, thanks to the graduations and more voluminous. To style this hairstyle is quite problematic, however, to help you come special waxes for the hair, which can quickly cope with the task. As a result, you get a beautiful youth hair. Haircut Double caret can be paired with bangs and even without it, however, in 2018, stylists recommend to pay attention to the voluminous asymmetrical bangs just below the eyebrows.

Mens haircuts spring 2018 Mens haircuts spring 2018 Mens haircuts spring 2018 Mens haircuts spring 2018 Mens haircuts spring 2018 Mens haircuts spring 2018 Mens haircuts spring 2018 Mens haircuts spring 2018 Mens haircuts spring 2018 Mens haircuts spring 2018 Mens haircuts spring 2018 Mens haircuts spring 2018 Mens haircuts spring 2018 Mens haircuts spring 2018 Mens haircuts spring 2018 Mens haircuts spring 2018 Mens haircuts spring 2018 Mens haircuts spring 2018 Mens haircuts spring 2018

Haircut pot
The once popular classic haircuts the pot is again in fashion. This is a retro haircut that is gaining in popularity. And it is quite unusual, but it has a certain charm. Stylists recommend to pay attention to non-standard haircut in the pot, which involves whiskey and a shaved head. If the standard variation haircut pot assumed all the conjugation of the hair around a circle. Today you pot haircut involves a haircut with smooth line in a semicircle, paired with a short straight fringe or a long straight bangs. But whiskey shaved or shaved head only adds to the snowball special notes.

Haircuts for curly hair

Men with curly hair perfect haircut voluminous Bob, which involves in the average length of hair. The Bob haircut is carried out on the strands of medium length, and straight or oblique side bangs. An important element of this haircut is graduated, which allows you to give her hair extra volume. As a result, this haircut looks kinda like beanie, but with multi-level slices of the asymmetry it is incredibly stylish and bright.

For curly hair is also the perfect solution is a haircut style CESSON. This haircut involves thinning of the hair in a circle, the length of the hair below the earlobes. To style this haircut is quite problematic, however, stylists recommend to build it only thin hair, as this haircut model allows to demonstrate the beauty of fine hair. Mens hairstyles spring 2018 really diverse. However, the key trends revolve around retro style, asymmetry and extra volume