Mirror Stirka nail Polish — mirror finish

Well-groomed hands of women always attract attention. They become her calling card. She strives to create original and very bright manicure, using a variety of techniques covering.

The fashionable trend 2016 was mirrored manicure. Create a mirror surface on the nail invented Hollywood stars. Once in the spotlight, the nails begin to Shine a beautiful shade. If the addition of a decorative coating, we get the amazing result.

Mirror Stirka nail

Rubbing this brilliant dust requires no special tools. This operation can be done simply with fingers or use a sponge. The advantages of using a mirrored dust is the ability to create shimmering nails to the chrome effect of the lights.

Luster is created by the pigment dispersion with a subtle texture of fine powder. As such a substance must be rubbed, he was given the name “Stirka”.

The pigment can be purchased at the store. It is packaged in small jars. The kit also includes different applicators. One side of the applicator is covered with a finely porous sponge, and the other side closes the same sponge, but with larger pores.

Mirror Stirka available with a variety of shades. To create a colourful nail design with chrome shade, it is very important to choose the right color base coat. That is why to create an individual design it is desirable to have several types of pigment. The professionals in nail salons is a very large selection of pigment kits.

On the nail plate very beautiful mirror Shine, put on a black base.

Technology of applying a mirror finish

The use of mirrored powder or tirki allows you to make an ordinary manicure extraordinary sight. Shiny tiny particles cover the nail smooth film, creating a mirror effect.

It is possible to cover this powder one nail or do a manicure on all fingers. It all depends on individual desire. Because someone thinks looks best Stirka on one finger, she kinda stands out from his others.

Ways to use a mirror Shine very much. They depend only on the female fantasy. Nails with a mirror Shine amaze with its originality.

This coating make at home is not very difficult. To handle any woman.

What you need to have to create the effect of a “mirror Shine”?

To create this manicure, you need:

  • The base coating;
  • set virki;
  • gel;
  • top covering without a sticky layer.

First is an ordinary manicure, nails attached to the required form. The nail plate must be subjected to light grinding. This operation is necessary to cover the nail evenly.

The second stage is applied to the base. Then the nails are covered with gel, after drying apply top. It was dried, and then applied Stirka. It is very convenient to apply using fingertips. The result is excellent coverage.

Sequins should evenly cover the whole area of the nail. The cuticle area requires special attention. RUB the powder necessary to obtain a homogeneous structure glossy coating.

The remaining powder can be brushed off with a soft brush. After that, the operation is repeated. The nail is again covered with a top and a newly-applied Stirka. Such repetition extends the life of the mirror Shine.

Nail color

Color gel directly affects the tone mirrored powder. For example, if the basis is a pink lacquer with a yellow tirkai, nail color will be a pale beige.

Mirror Stirka nail

If you use the same tirki together with a red gel on nail surface will get a very nice coral color.

If desired, the glossy surface and mirror gloss, you can create interesting three-dimensional pattern. On the finished surface of the nail should be a simple gel ink to draw a beautiful picture. It was dried by ultraviolet light. Then, the resulting pattern is covered with tirkai, applied top, then carefully dried.

Mirror effect different colors can be done only on one half of the surface of the nail. Gel coat after removing the sticky layer is applied to the well dried color gel. Mirror powder rubbed into the sticky layer of the gel.

Some tips on how to put a mirror Shine on the nails

  1. Any kind of virki can be used with ordinary coatings or gel coatings. Sticky layer of past contributes to a more reliable fastening of a mirror Shine.
  2. Vtica will look great if it is well distributed throughout the substrate. The problem becomes much harder if glitter smeared across the surface with your finger. The fact that sequins may go too thin layer or will be fastened along the cuticle. To avoid such consequences, it is advisable to use a soft brush.
  3. When using the mirror tirki necessarily superimposed glossy top. Due to this coating, creating a unique glow.
  4. For more reliable fastening microplastic on an ordinary nail Polish, they are applied when the coating has become hard, but retain their stickiness. Each lacquer, this stage occurs only at certain times. To specify a specific time is impossible. This can only be determined empirically.
  5. Basically, the mirror wtire placed on the surface of the nail with a semitransparent layer. The result is a great highlight, but the base colour is still visible. This can be used, creating original effects using varnishes in bright colours.
  6. In the summer this manicure is considered the most ideal option.

Manufacturers of lacquers to create mirror Shine


This cosmetic product is very high quality. Quite a few minutes, the nails were very beautiful. To create a metallic manicure, perfect wakes silver color. To obtain good results, it is sufficient to apply one coat. This manicure will be to stay in for five days.


The consistency is liquid, but with virtually no spread. Sometimes the luck falls not very smooth, forming a kind of stripes. The effect appears immediately after the first coat. Visually reminiscent of the nail plate covering with foil. Manicure lasts three days.


Today it is the most sought after and very popular option. Easy to apply, but coverage is uneven sometimes.


The product is easy to apply. The kit includes a handy brush. However, this manicure is quickly erased. Day pass and he loses the appeal starts to wear off.


It’s a pretty expensive paint. In order to apply it on the nail, will have to work hard. However, the paint has a protection coating is very durable and looks nice.


The creation of such a mirror finish that allows women to create their image. And the Shine of her nails will surely draw the attention of others!

Mirror Stirka nail video master class

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