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The versatility of this nail design knows no boundaries, and one of the most popular today is the molding on the nails. It allows you to create amazing three-dimensional drawings. Decorative molding in manicure allows you to make the image more interesting and, of course, will not leave without attention your hands.

Incorrect statement is that the molding on the nails – this design is everyday, everyday manicure. Rather, it would be more appropriate for holiday parties. The molding on the nails it looks amazing in reality and memorabilia, such as wedding photos.


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Given the fact that the molding on the nails is relatively recent, the implementation of such a manicure is better to trust a specialist. Quite complicated technically, such work requires not only knowledge and experience but also enough patience and careful, see all the options — design nail photo.

It is possible to learn everything, but for the first time is better to visit a salon. The master will not only make quality work, but also be able to help you with advice that will be useful for future independent activities.

The molding on the nails is the process of creating amazingly beautiful volumetric shapes is unusual, stylish and impressive. The materials used in the work – acrylic and gel.

But, unfortunately, for everyday use, the moulding is not quite practical. Three-dimensional figure can cling to clothes, which is troublesome.

To make the composition more smooth and adapt it for everyday image, after applying the sculpting, the figure is covered by a dense layer of transparent gel. There is a so-called effect of “aquarium”.

Are there any differences in application of modeling using a gel from the shapes made from acrylic? The end result will be little different, the differences are visible only in the method of application and characteristics of the applied compositions.

The molding on the nails with gel

Initially, the gel was not used to create the modeling. This was due to its rather weak structure. But today there is a special gel with 3-D effect, which is successfully applied in the simulation.

Its application has allowed to diversify nail design. Modeling more convenient, the plastic structure of the gel allows you to create amazing and unusual shapes. It should also be noted that the gel, unlike acrylic, is completely odorless. This nuance was appreciated by the wizard – the professionals.

Technology sculpting gel provides a coating on the prepared nail is already finished formed shape. Every element of the composition is a polymerization process using a UV lamp. If this process is not to finish, then later maybe a mixture of accents in one figure.

For those who wish to master the art of decorative nail art, you should learn sculpting with acrylic. It is more malleable and easy to work with.

Only after the technique of sculpting acrylic assimilated perfectly, you can move on to studying the technology of gel sculpting.

Having the desire, patience and greater faith in their own strength, everyone can learn the amazing art decorative molding on the nails. Voluminous design is very nice. Man-made flowers and other patterns, look like real.

Master class — how to make gel sculpting

How to make acrylic sculpting nails

Do not think that art is the decorative molding only masters of professionals. Enough free time, patience, thoroughness and a very strong desire will help you to master it easily and quickly.

You always need to remember that not everything will turn out right the first time. Only daily work and experience can lead to the desired result. Even famous artists have not once suffered an unusual science decorative nail art.

As a rule, three-dimensional shape of gel or acrylic are recorded on long nails. Do not mount the composition on the entire surface of the nail plate. In the cuticle area decorative molding is held quite loosely.

French with acrylic stucco

Also not very nice to cover volumetric modeling once all the nails. Much prettier it will look a molding on the nails of certain fingers, such as index or large. The nails on other fingers should be covered with varnish, whose color will blend in with the bulk composition.

Modeling can be applied not only to graft but also to the natural nail. It is necessary to know that attaching three-dimensional figures onto the natural nail plate, it is necessary to varnish before work.

The most complex but extremely interesting will be directly production of compositions of acrylic or gel. Flight of imagination is unlimited, but all the same the most popular volumetric figures are flowers: roses, orchids, daisies.

All must succeed, if you follow the simple requirements of the technological process:

  • the implementation of the sculpting — brush shape has not yet hardened material, creating a conceived image;
  • the thoroughness and accuracy in work — the key to a successful outcome. Even the smallest details should be carefully identified;
  • in the choice of colors should be limited to two or three shades. Then the song will turn out stylish and not tacky.

How to place the molding?

The ideal location of the composition on the nail is a guarantee of successful work. Best of all, the molding of the acrylic rests on the highest point of the nail. Avoid places on the tip and the cuticle area, as it is impossible to fix well the bulk composition.


After the composition is attached to the fingernail, it necessarily must be covered with a thin acrylic layer. This will protect the image from mechanical damages. The cuticle should be treated with oil. The final step in decorative nail art is the treatment of the nail with a nail file, to give her a perfect shape.

There is another, quite simple method of application on the nails acrylic sculpting.

The technology for this type of manicure is characterized by the fact that all three-dimensional figures originally produced on the foil or glossy paper.

Ready figure are transferred with a brush on the nail and fix it with glue. Remember that excesses can only hurt and manicures gaudy. Professionals advise to decorate no more than two nails on one hand.

How to choose the right materials for the job

It is not enough just to study the technology application modeling, it is important to know which materials are most suitable for the job. Based on color acrylic powder and acrylic liquid. Mixing these two ingredients you can obtain plastic material of desired consistency.

Choosing acrylic powder, please pay attention to its high quality. Only this component will allow to create flexible and easy to work material, which after hardening does not crumble and is easy to remove.


Monomer or acrylic liquid is required as a binder component to generate the masses for molding. Manufacturers offer several kinds of acrylic liquid:

  • on the basis of methacrylate. It is completely odorless, allowing you to create a hardened mass. Ideal to create a very subtle and elegant compositions;
  • on the basis of metilmetakrilat. A substance having a not very pleasant smell. Hardens quite slowly, and therefore more suitable for nail extension. Despite its pungent smell and harmful effect on human health, the masters never abandoned its application. The reason for that is very low cost.

How to choose a suitable brush for sculpting?

Brush sculpting is the main tool for decorative nail art. A variety of shapes and sizes may be a bit confused. But in the Arsenal of the master must be pointed round brush and brush “cat’s tongue”.

As developments can be purchased brushes of different sizes. So to draw the fine details of flower petals you may need a brush “hair”.

Acrylic or gel sculpting different durability. To rent this beauty with nail, it is enough to cut. But to carry out this procedure very carefully to avoid damaging the nail plate.

Acrylic nail sculpting master class

Wedding manicure with sculpting

The competition works with stucco


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