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“Being a sensible human being and think about the beauty of nails” Pushkin as Any man that respects himself and others, and watching how he looks, what makes an impression. A man carefully taking care of your face and body will never forget to groom your nails. Every woman knows that the hands and face should be in perfect order. Hands always in the first place draw attention to the woman. No woman leaves the house without makeup and with unkempt hands.


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In a woman’s life manicure is the same necessary procedure as well as makeup. Taking the time to manicure and make-up, every lady is closely monitoring their health. Healthy beautiful well-groomed hands say health in order.

Woman with beautiful hands and fancy manicure will never remain without attention of the opposite sex. She knows from what her hands, completely depends on her image. If a manicure is failed, and the whole idea of the image will be destroyed.

What is nail art

Nail art is called modern art nail design. It is divided into the overlay drawings on the nails and decorating items, specially created for this purpose.

For a real master here, nothing is impossible, because it is a space for the most incredible fantasies.

Consider the basic techniques of nail art photo

A leader in nail art is rhinestones. Manufactured specifically for the nail design rhinestones have a smooth surface on one side and convex on the other, and differ from ordinary crystals. Before applying to the nail overlaps the underlying layer of lacquer, which needs to be dried and a top coat.

Lightly wet the tip of the “orange” sticks, part manicure set, rhinestones are captured and transferred to the nail, then lightly pressed to commit. After the final drying of the top coat, apply it again, already laid out on top of the picture.

Also, very often for the decoration of the nails used dried flowers, feathers, lace, stones, beads, nail stickers, foil, etc..

The entire popularity of bindisi. It is ready metallic gold and silver figures for nail art. Bindisi require careful selection of the color of the varnish. Apply it on the nails is quite simple.

It is necessary to impose on the nail basis, allow it to dry and apply a generous layer of colored lacquer. The paint not dried up, it is necessary to remove bindis with the basics and adhesive side to attach to the nail plate. Then allow to dry and apply a top coating.

One direction nail art — nail painting. To paint the nails with acrylic paints quite difficult. It requires artistic ability and skill. Chinese painting on the nails looks great!

A variety of decorations and ornaments for nail art allows the most simple methods to give your nails a gorgeous view, spending only a minimum of free time.

Fashion trends nail art

In this season, 2015 and 2016 coming in Vogue are blue, green, Nude, milk-colored nail Polish, and their various shades that enhances the beauty of hands and nails, and can be perfectly combined with clothes of any color and style.

Stylists draw the attention of fashion that the leading fashion trends in manicure for the current season is a clear Polish with a moderate luster, applied to fingernails roughly in three layers.

This manicure makes a woman modest and attractive, suitable for any occasion, be it housework or going to the theatre, going on holiday or working in the office.

Even a lady’s age can be determined by the nails. Neat, well made fashion trends in manicure, mislead about the age even rival, not just the fan. To be genuine and natural — that’s the main trend in fashion for this season.

Form of nails oval, round or almond-shaped. Length of nails should not be large. In fashion short and medium length nails. Designers call this form of nails the epitome of chic and restraint.

Nail art — photos of the lunar manicure

It is convenient and practical trends of the current season. Beautiful design short nails can look here.

Even designers recommend absolute freedom in choosing the color palette of varnish. Back in style French lunar manicure. With this manicure, even the most modest girl will look fashionable and stylish.

For this manicure designers recommend to combine metallic color nail Polish with a muted red and gold and beige.

This season 2015-2016 fashionable two-toned nails. Welcome flight of fancy in a woman.

It may, in its sole discretion, to combine seemingly the most incongruous contrasting color nail Polish and decorate their nails with stripes, snowflakes, circles, squares. In General, experiment — don’t want to.

Lovers of the classics are not forgotten. Like many years ago, always in fashion color matching paint under the attire that is put on the woman, under lipstick or accessories.

Actual pastel pink, peach, beige and light brown shades, Nude and transparent paints. Also, in a fashion not painting the entire nail, only the edges.

Depending on the time of year fashion designers suggest: spring manicure involves the use of shades of nail Polish like pink, coral or peach.

Summer manicure – grass and purple, Burgundy and blue, yellow and crimson hues of nail Polish.

Manicure autumn – plum and orange, black and pistachio, dark red and colorless. Manicure winter is bright red and sea green, silver and pink, green and gold.

This season designers nail art is considered everything tastes better half of humanity.

Innovations in nail art photo

Options jewelry women’s pens every year becomes more and more. Fashion begin to get products which last longer than conventional varnishes and attract the attention of other people. In this article we will understand what a pleasant, inlay and the fuser.

The heat-sealing

The heat-sealing appeared quite a long time, but in Vogue just now. In fact, this Polish is a chameleon that changes its color depending on temperature. On the tip of the nail lacquer of the same hue on the nail plate — the other. If you omit the hands in hot water, nail a whole will change color.

There are both conventional heat-sealing, which can be applied at home and the gel varnishes that require drying special lamp. Almost every salon offer this service. When this coating is suitable for both manicure and hardware — the choice of the client or the master.

The value of I in Russia about three hundred rubles, manicure with such a coating in the salon, the client will cost a thousand rubles.

Inlay nail art

Inlay is a nail decoration with Swarovski, fashion trend among young people. You can cover the whole nail plate, to do a French manicure and use rhinestones instead of white on the tips of your nails, draw different patterns and letters.

Usually this procedure is done in the salon, on top of the rhinestone is necessary to apply fixing gel Polish. The cost to the different where it depends on the number of crystals, some from the pattern.

Basically, the inlay of one nail will add to the cost of the manicure 300 rubles. As rhinestones come in different sizes and different colors, the price of this service need to be clarified in a particular salon.

Before the inlay is advised to do hardware manicure, holding this decoration for about three weeks. Coated manicure is a nail decoration will cost a lot, most girls choose this service before some important occasion, e.g. a wedding.

Time-manicure, gel Polish and inlay is 2-2.5 hours, depending on professionalism of the master.

Of the fuser for nails

The fuser is a wonderful option for those who want to see on your nails a beautiful pattern.

You can do this coating on all the nails, combine various options, to put the film on a few nails as a complement to gel-varnish, stick them as French or moon manicure.

Feature of thermoplanes in difficult applying them to the nail plate. But this manicure lasts about four weeks. Butterflies and flowers, peacock’s tails and colorful feathers, lettering and cartoon characters — a variety of images on films knows no bounds.

To correctly apply thermal at home is almost impossible, it takes skill and knowledge, not every salon offer this service. In Moscow Elena Ermolina at his school teaches the skill of film deposition.

Manicure this teacher, the client will cost 2500 rubles, while the model for practice students will pay 500 rubles. In St.-Petersburg also there is a school, it teaches Nadezhda Denisova. A manicure will cost 2100, the model will pay the same as and in Moscow.

Before applying thermoplanes made exclusively hardware manicure, treat the cuticle with oil is prohibited — material not friends with him. At the time this procedure takes about two hours, the students spend about four hours on a single manicure.

Bright rhinestones, iridescent colors, even photos of a loved one on the nail — the twenty-first century a variety of choices in nail art is huge.

And yet to have a manicure with any coating looked nice, not only need to come up with an interesting design, but also to choose the professional craftsman.

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