All about nail Care

To have a beautiful manicure day nail care at home. Unfortunately not always we can afford a visit to the beauty salon to do my nails, because such pleasure requires us to certain financial and time costs. Civilization and industrial development led to daily adverse effects on the delicate skin of the hands is an aggressive chemical substances contained in detergents and whitening products, chlorinated water, etc.

The impact of these adverse factors as well as sudden changes in temperature, dry air, wind and ultraviolet radiation contributes to ageing skin and deteriorating conditions of the nails.


  • Nail care — basic rules
  • Nail care at home
  • How to care for your fingernails in summer
  • Nail care in winter
  • Care for weak and splitting nails

In addition to the external factors on the condition of our hands affects overall health.

Certainly one of the main influences on the condition of the nails is proper nutrition. They were healthy and did not lolis, in the daily diet should include foods and products that contain:

  1. Calcium — fish, milk and milk products
  2. Iodine is primarily seafood
  3. Gelatin
  4. Vitamin A — carrots boiled with the addition of a small amount of vegetable oil
  5. Sulfur is, first and foremost, green vegetables.

The basic rules of nail care

1. All the housework spend in household rubber gloves.

2. Always carry a nail file in order to respond immediately, even if it is minor damage.

3. Use a moisturizer after each hand washing.

Nail care

4. An important factor in maintaining healthy nails is the consumption of adequate amounts of water — at least 2 liters a day. Water transportorul nutrients in our body and releases accumulated toxins. So daily drinking enough water is important for health.

5. Healthy, varied and balanced diet containing variety of fruits and vegetables is a good start as it gives our body the vitamins and minerals necessary for internal health and beautiful appearance.

Some vitamins and minerals directly affect the state of our nails. For example, vitamins a and necessary for strength, calcium for hardness.

Folic acid is essential for our nails was flexible and strong.

Biotin is necessary for the growth of nails, and fatty acids add Shine, smoothness and beauty.

6. Choose the right liquid for removal of varnish. When you buy a liquid for removing varnish, make sure that it was non-acetone, and contained vitamins a and E. They are more expensive than regular liquid nail Polish remover, but do not damage the nail plate.

After removing the Polish wash your hands and use a special nail oil or almond oil. The disadvantage is that the fat content in these products are difficult to apply nail Polish.

Nail care at home

The manicure at home should be done at least 1 time in 7-10 days. If you can’t regularly visit the nail salon to get a professional manicure, it is possible to do it at home, it is advisable not to splurge and buy a professional set for manicure.

During the procedure of manicure focuses on the treatment and correction of the cuticle.

Previously it was thought that the cuticle is necessary to remove, however, the more often and deeper, you remove the cuticle, the more and faster it will eventually grow again.

Quite best option would be to soften the cuticles and gently push back the special spatula, you can cut only the ugly high areas of the cuticle.

It is important to remember about hygiene, tools must be kept scrupulously clean, and after manicure, you need to wipe tools with Cologne or alcohol.

If your nails are too brittle, it is desirable to use a plastic nail file, not metal, otherwise they are in the filing will simply break.

If by nature you have problem nails, then with special care and caution is necessary to approach the choice of nail Polish.

In this case, the composition of the varnish should not be included acetone, since this substance even more dry and weak nails, making them brittle, rough.

You need to remember that weak nails, it is desirable to subject the coating varnish are not more often than once in 1.5-2 weeks.

Nail care in summer

We all know that in the summer when thrives in full summer season, constant work in the garden much affects the state and appearance of our hands, and have to exert more efforts to prevent nails looked sloppy after gardening.

To whiten nails if they darkened after contact with the ground or a berry, very good helping of citrus – lemon or lime. In the evenings, after the daily regular nail care to massage them with half a lemon for 8-10 minutes.

In addition to the natural lightening, this will help to soften the cuticles. In order to best protect the hands while working in the garden and to mitigate the impact on them, be sure to wear gloves, and hand RUB with glycerin.

Nail care in winter

First, wear gloves — soft and comfortable, they keep hands warm and save them from the winter cold.

Daily use nourishing creams and oils for the hands. The skin of our hands often crack. This applies mainly to women with delicate and dry skin.

In this case, will paraffin mask. Melt the paraffin and add the vitamin E. allow to cool to an acceptable temperature so as not to burn, and dip hands in paraffin. Then wrap hands in plastic and put on gloves. Keep paraffin mask for 15-20 min.. the Skin after such a mask is gentle and soft.

Care for weak and splitting nails

1. If the nails are weak and splitting, it will be very useful sea salt. Dissolve 1 tablespoon of sea salt in 200ml. water average temperature,to release the hands for 20 min. the tray have to do throughout the month about 1 day.

2. To give the nails a Shine and healthy look will suit the olive oil. The water bath must heat up olive. oil and omit the nails for about 20 min.. This mask is best to do at least once in 6-7days.

3. Apple mask. Grate half of the Apple, mixed with honey — 1tbsp.l., egg yolk, raising. oil — 1H.l., Apple cider vinegar — 1H.l. and one tablet of ascorbic acid in powder form.

The mask is applied for 30 min..

4. 0,5 teaspoon gelatin soaked in one tbsp of boiling water and wait until cool to room temperature. Add 1 tsp. glycerin and 1 tsp. of honey. The mask is ready.

5. Mask with lemon and honey. Single yolk egg shell shape bra STO., the juice of one lemon, 1C.l. almond or olive. oil, 1C.l. honey. Mix thoroughly until a homogeneous mixture and apply to hands. This mask is best to keep 3-4 hours.

Nourishing mask for nails

1. The basis for this mask can be hand cream with vitamins a, E and D. It is applied directly on the nails every day before going to sleep. As a result, the circulation improves, the hands acquire a healthy and beautiful appearance.

2. Mix equal parts honey, Flaxseed oil, lemon juice and one egg yolk. All mix, apply the mixture for one hour, and wear warm gloves.

3. Three tablespoons of pink clay, 1.5 tbsp almond butter, 1 tsp lemon. juice and some sea salt. The mask is kept for 20-30 min., After rinse with warm water.

To preserve the health and beauty of your hands, you should constantly take care of them and to ensure proper nail care.

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