Nail design 2015

Nail designs often make a certain outfit or so to fit under the casual and followed the course of the fashion trend and even to match the mood.

The most common and constant nail design is of course the classic white jacket. It is simple and straightforward, but at the same time elegant and always relevant. French is always in fashion and suitable for any style, be it classic strict business woman, elegant evening dress, and even sports style classic white jacket is always appropriate.

Complexity as always may occur with the selection of colors that you want to cover. Yes colors, there may be several, because this is the essence of such a coating. Most often cover two claw one color and three other like this:

But it is possible that the color of nail was three, and four, in general, as much as you’d like, as long as the color of nail combined and harmonized with each other.

L (15) L (14) L (12)

Nail design 2015

To somehow diversify design can draw a picture on the nails. Pattern can be anything from simple points to a complex artistic design. The design drawings are many nuances of color selection to the method of placement on the nail. You can draw the same picture just put it in different ways and it will look quite different.

Today does not necessarily have the skills of the artist and be able to draw, enough to buy a finished design, and a lot of them in different colors and on any subject from the very simple points to animals and landscapes, and to translate the selected pattern on the nails and cover the fixer and that the design is ready.

L (8) L (7) L (6) L (4) L (3) L (2) L (5) L (11)