Nail сolor 2014

Everybody knows that men at the first meeting do not forget to pay attention to the woman’s hand.

Today , perhaps more than ever , in a fashion all pastel shades of white, caramel , eggshell , milk and coffee , dynno cream , beige, flesh-colored, lilac, pink, blue . «What a bore! » – You say. And go wrong.

Nail сolor 2014

Nail сolor 2014

After manicure in gentle tones has a bunch of advantages:

It is indispensable in a formal setting;
Nail bright colors, tone on tone matched to your dress and purse, emphasize your femininity and make a gentle way;
A lover of jewelry can demonstrate their beneficial, not afraid to outshine their bright hues nails.
A simple manicure is quite possible to do yourself.

Looks very well with bright pastel geometric pattern! For example, pale pink coat with a slash of bright red color. Generally, there may be your options, so rely on your own taste. Can be done as follows: Apply base, then – in two layers lacquer (light shade) and finally ends with lacquer paint in a contrasting color.

Basically it will be a white pearl, light coffee, solid or transparent color. Listed colors perfectly suitable for everyday use, because pastels do not emphasize too much attention to themselves.

If a desire to create a gentle way, but not striking solid colors to use is not desirable, it is possible to create a pastel-colored lacquer exquisite lace patterns, using special stencils or stickers contrasting darker colors. As a supplement, you can decorate drawing small rhinestones. It is necessary to ensure that such a decoration in moderation.

Nail сolor 2014

Nail сolor 2014

Today is back in fashion bright red color! Do not be afraid to seem vulgar, it is one of the oldest classics options, making way feminine and elegant!

Fashion trends 2014 nail design dictate the most unusual combinations!

Circle the circuit completely painted black. Without prejudice to these edges, apply a bright white shade. Unusual and stylish, especially with the bright colors of clothing!

Nail сolor 2014

Nail сolor 2014

Back in vogue metallic shades, especially gold and bronze! Very impressive looks with black clothes.
Trendy nail color in 2014 is committed to natural naturalness. The main trio of shades – milk chocolate, gray and khaki. These colors require a careful selection of attire and makeup, such coatings are suitable for hands with fair skin, and any skin tone will appear paler.

For autumn – winter season is recommended to purchase varnishes cool colors – lavender, blue-gray, blue, indigo, gray anthracite.

On the nosedive of popularity a new «lunar manicure» is from masters of style of Christian Dior. Such variant of manicure is the French manicure, executed vice versa. A lunar manicure interesting that it is possible unusually to combine absolutely different colors. The classic variant of lunar manicure is executed by combination of black and white manicure. For execution of lunar manicure a design is needed at the small hole of nail lunate. A small hole comes forward as «Lunar/Mars»; it is covered varnish of beige or white color.

Nail сolor 2014

Nail сolor 2014

In the upcoming season are fashionable pastel, quiet shades that are relevant in any way and under any circumstances. For several consecutive seasons in fashion naturalness and natural beauty, so varnishes pastel shades perfectly match this trend. Today, for the transformation of nails there are many ways through which you can not only look fashionable but also emphasize their individuality.

Patterning on the surface of the nail most interesting technique, because almost every job is the only author.

Even one master fails two identical manicures, so you can confidently say about the unique form flesh color – perhaps the most versatile option of all the colors. Besides;s nicely set off any skin, giving special grace and hands hit the upcoming season will be the nail metallic shade.

Golden iridescence, noble cool silver and copper sheen now dwell on the nails and fashionistas! Such varnishes undoubtedly will look bright and allow highlight your personality. However, despite all the advantages of shades, you should still be careful. First, make sure that the metal polish would be appropriate in some situations, and secondly, it should go well with the outfit, and in the third, using a lacquer cancels all wrist accessories – whether it rings or bracelets.

Choose an accessory of the same color as the varnish. If you want to use a nail in everyday life, prefers blue or red metallic. Bright colors pastels today already or anyone be surprised … If you want to attract attention to your manicure, pay attention to fluorescent, neon and very bright and original color textured varnishes will be the focus. On the shelves there is more and more variety of colors, textures and options brands.

So watch out for whats new! Sequins should also be singled out nail polish with sparkles. They continue to be the wave of fashion in 2014.

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