New braids 2018

Among the most popular high hairstyles, okazalos well as styling combined with braids and curls and plaits. Note the hairstyle with big curls, it is a trend.

Combined hair styling is a key trend in 2018. If you want to create original hair styling, pay attention to hairstyles with the combined version of the spit and tail. This year, it is important to create two tails and finish them off with braids, which are reminiscent of the bellies. Sprint was also high styling and see two beams. They look incredibly stylish and bright, and with it forms a beautiful school image.
If we talk about the high pilings, it is impossible not to notice parastudy popular hairstyles in the style of a Samurai. This year stylists recommend to choose hairstyles from loose hair, which look amazing paired with a pencil on the center of the head. It osmama extravagant hairstyle that blends perfectly with styling curls.

New hairstyles 2018

Among the most popular new hairstyles 2018 was laying French twist which stylists recommend wearing in a pair with the volume as well as small swirls. Hairstyle French Twist is the perfect solution for evening wear, and small curls will help to create a romantic style. To create it pretty simple even at home, for this you will need a Curling iron to the hair and a light spray to fix. Modern versions of this stacking also provides for the addition of a combination of hairstyles, it may be, for example, curls. But complement that hair stylists do not recommend oversized hair accessories, it is better to choose modest and simple decorations, which form a vivid image.
• Asymmetrical hairstyles

Asymmetrical hairstyle is forming a vivid image and creative style. In 2018 they are on the top of popularity.

Hairstyles with elements of asymmetry allow us to form a vivid image and adjust it. For example, you are the owner of thin hair and create voluminous and lush hair as we would like is not impossible. In this case, you will not only fleece, which stylists recommend to create at the roots. But asymmetrical hairstyles. If you want to make the image more vivid, please note the hair style Babette or French Twist with side parting. To hair recommend adding several drop-down locks to make the image more unusual.
Hairstyles with a shaved head
Fundamentally new solution offered by many stylists when choosing a hairstyle based on the hairstyle with a shaved head. So, in 2018, it is important to style your hair to the side, fully opening the region with a shaved head, and also form the tail or curls. In the first case, hair in low ponytail and form small curls. But in the case with the curls add volume to hair. The point is to create a contrast of two styles of radical conservative and romantic. The result is a bright and unusual hairstyle.
Actual braids
Actual braids the new season include more sophisticated styling, which is quite hard to create at home. This means that it is better to seek the assistance of an experienced specialist to obtain a vivid and dynamic hair. Braids have always been the benchmark of women’s image, but in 2018 they move to a new level. This is not the romantic cute braids that we used to see. Rather, it is pragmatic voluminous braid in the style of grunge, which have a futuristic feel. More complex weave more original style, as well as bright technique that can demonstrate the beauty of the hair. One caveat, which is to create the hairstyle, this is a complex weaving of 12 strands. As for the weaving technique, then in 2018 on the top of popularity turned out to be French braid, or inverted French braid.

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