New haircuts 2018

If you want to learn about modern haircuts 2018 more join us and remember that every day we are making an overview of the most popular haircuts of the season, and also discuss key trends and micro trends. And today we will talk about updates in 2018, we’ll also talk about what hairstyles will be relevant next season.

Short haircuts 2018 novelties
In a world of short cuts everything has changed radically. The stylists wanted to create a short haircuts that would meet all the canons of womanhood. Today most designers seek to shock, as well as to create a more creative haircut. There was a trend haircut, blending men’s fashion with women’s. Androgynous style prevails in 2018. Today to look bright and memorable enough just a classic short haircut. She looks boring and not bright. Stylists complement these hairstyles are additional décor, including shaved whiskey, pigtails, etc.

Haircut with shaved temples and pigtails
Almost the main trend of 2018 becomes short haircut with shaved temples and back of the head. The hair at the crown remain long or medium length. But lay it very interesting. As emphasized by stylists this season true to style long hair at the base shaved her temples in a variety of braids. This native American style is very popular among fashionistas. In particular, the long hair is important to create braids in the form of dreadlocks, are also inverted French braid or two classical dance in the style of a fish tail or ear.

Short haircut hair style asymmetrical Bob

If you want to surprise with its unusual way of others, pay attention to a hair cut style short Bob.
Modern versions of the Bob haircut looks bright and unusual. This season it is important to pay attention to the creative way the designers emphasize the need to use oblique side bangs and asymmetrical bangs models. If you want to choose a Bob haircut, remember that it is suitable for the owner of a round face shape. In addition, in 2018 a large popular haircut asymmetrical Bob with a slanted side parting. But to put such haircuts are important in the effect of additional volume.
Haircuts in grunge style

New haircuts 2018

Volume chaotic hairstyles in grunge style is still at the top of popularity. Among the new pilings you can see the original hairstyle with voluminous hair and a side parting. In particular, stylists recommend to create short haircuts in the style of grunge with elements of multi-stage haircuts, also graduations. But to complement such haircuts stylists recommend long voluminous bangs that can be laid with a side parting.

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Haircut elongated quads
Haircut caret with an extension or elongate the caret is still at the top of popularity. The only difference is that this year stylists recommend to create the asymmetrical lines. We are talking not only about the side parting, but the side bangs that look more vivid and memorable. The caret is important to create the effect of additional volume and scale and focus on the front hair strands. To pay attention to such a haircut should be owners of round or heart-shaped face shape.

Haircut caret 2017 photo novelties
If we talk about trendy haircut Kare, here are prevalent with more complex solutions. For example, in 2018, stylists recommend to create a complex multistage Kare without bangs. But to put it fashionably with the effect of maximum volume. The parting should be held clearly at the center of the head, hair can be voluminous and bright.

New 2018 haircuts for medium length hair
Experts in style recommend to pay attention to the haircuts with layered asymmetry. Modern hairstyle medium length involve additional bulk and multi-stage slices. It’s important to create a chaotic hairstyles in grunge style and complement the various elements of weaving. Relevant in 2018, will also create a patchwork hairstyles hair. However, over the last several seasons they have changed dramatically. Note the patchwork haircut with long straight bangs. It is recommended to combine paired with a side parting head. The unusual hairstyle which looks incredibly bright.

For medium length hair stylists recommend to create a creative haircut caret. It’s ragged hair, which consists of strands with maximum graduations that are clearly cut on the same line. A hairstyle is important to complement the straight bangs and pay special attention to the length. In particular, in 2018, it is important to create a square with a short straight fringe-brush.