New year nail 2015

Before the meeting of the New 2015 left very little time. New vanity one of the most enjoyable!

Gifts, party dress, Christmas manicure, accessories, shoes, decoration festive table. And many just have to plan in advance in order to have time to prepare for the New Year. I want to turn a little easier for you and help you select the task Christmas Nails.

Esli you do not know which option to prefer Christmas manicure select drawings on the nails with a Christmas theme. It will be a great option for a new manicure in 2015. You can draw on nails snowflakes or snow. These elements of the picture can be played separately or combined with other patterns winter theme.

Here are some photos of ideas for Christmas manicure with snowflakes and snow.
For those who prefer the sleek design of the nail should give preference to the French manicure New Year. In this case, for decorating nails should use red, green, white and blue. French manicure for the new year is appropriate to supplement the rhinestones and other shiny ornaments.

Here are a few photos of the French manicure ideas on new god.Esli not suit you is not one of the above options of nail design, you can decorate your nails with beautiful patterns. This exquisite manicure is the perfect decoration for your nails during the holiday season.

New year nail 2015

New year nail 2015

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