new year’s eve 2019: secrets of the perfect outfit

Has not fallen down from the trees leaves, and new year bustle has already started. On supermarket shelves lined with Christmas decorations. Recreation vengeance take orders for booking of rooms and cottages. Well, we’re starting to plan what to wear in new year 2019 to attract into your life the love, luck and prosperity. Our website hurry to help you tips on how to look stunning in the New year of the emerald goat.

Favorite color of the emerald goat

The opinions of astrologers were divided. Some believe that the coming year will be held under the auspices of the green goat. Others color this noble animal in blue. Emerald is a compromise, because it has shades of both. And a goat suit and green and blue and emerald outfit.

Also this animal is sympathetic to the new year’s eve costumes yellow. Welcome and shades of primary colours — lilac, light green, sky blue, festive green.

Also will always be the classic white, black and cream colors — they are all familiar to the sheep, if we talk about its usual habitat.

When we talk about the hottest shades, we do not encourage you to focus exclusively on monochrome colors. Prints are also welcomed. So, new year’s eve you’ll be splendid in your dress, decorated with bright Oriental pattern. Animals will be appropriate and of colors, for example, under leopard, Zebra, tiger.

New year’s eve party is a great excuse to try something new and unconventional. And if any other day you would think 100 times before you put on the little leopard dress, in the night from December 31 to January 1 you can reject doubt.

However, for those who like a more restrained drawings, too, there are options. So it is always appropriate concise cell, thin stripes and other geometric prints.

Fabric and trim

And the designers and astrologers this year unanimously advised to give preference to natural fabrics primarily wool, of course. Also you are welcomed with cozy tweed, and versatile knits, practical, linen, lightweight chiffon.

But a holiday is a holiday. Consequently, any decisions made of noble fabrics — lace, silk, satin, cashmere, velvet — will be met by the goat to cheer.


Choosing a dress for new year 2015, listen to the advice of couturier and then it’ll come in handy for wedding bridesmaids or birthday mothers.

Your perfect dress will be able to choose fans and a Maxi and a mini.

Short dresses this year is especially tempting. They emphasize the feminine forms: emphasize the waist, highlight the neckline, open the knees. If you can rightly be proud of their figure, wear a slimming dress to mid knee, you’ll be the Belle of the ball.

Side slits is represented in a gown and on a cropped models. This style can be called a hit of the season. This dress will surround you with an aura of mystery and will attract men’s glances like a magnet.

Side slits represent one of the hottest trends of evening fashion 2019 — asymmetry. And if you are her fan, you can purchase, for example, dress on one shoulder. Particularly impressive look such dresses in the Maxi length.

Still relevant Basque. She loved women for its functionality: it can help to visually balance the figure by making the waist and disguising the tummy.

Dress-Tulip — sweet, feminine and charming. With it, you can gracefully hide the awkwardness of the hips and give the figure a more seductive form.

Sheath dress — a win-win. And most importantly, it is then not once, not twice will help you out in a variety of situations. So if you’re a practical girl and appreciate the classics, feel free to go on new year’s eve party in a traditional silhouette dress length to mid-knee.

Short dress with train — unexpected, a little extravagant solution that will make you stand out from the crowd. In this dress you’ll look solemn, festive, but at the same time a bit cheeky and sexy.

Don’t forget to think carefully about the makeup and hair. Give due attention to the decorations. And remember that the main accessory without which you cannot appear at the Christmas party — a good mood.