New year’s nail design 2019

The question festive manicure should be approached in advance. New year’s nail design is no exception. If you still undecided, then this article will certainly be able to help you with this. The woman is a storm of turbulent emotions, bright colors and unique personality.

New year’s nail design 2019

Every woman tries to Express themselves in their own way. Someone uses for this garment, some hairstyle and hair color, and some accentuate your personality makeup.


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But the best feature of the entire women’s personality show of hands. On a certain makeup and accessories on hand, you can determine exactly what type relates to the woman what she prefers and needs. Surprisingly, all this can tell us weekly manicures a true lady.

As for the various festivals, here women tend to Express itself at its best. This also applies to the design of nails.

New year’s nail design

Especially important to choose an unusual manicure in the new year. As this will not only ornament, but also can tell about the secret dreams of its owner.

What is special about new year’s manicure?

Today the woman is incredibly hard to carve out time for yourself. This is due to the frantic pace of life and the oppression to the limit each day. Naturally, prolonged sitting in beauty salons and speech can not be.

Although the individual is still somehow possible. However, it is not about them, and about how to turn your manicure into a real masterpiece.

Kinds of manicure today, an incredible array. This abundance can turn the head of even the most fastidious lady.

From various paintings, patterns, ornaments, Christmas figures and ending with the use of accessories – all this can now be found in the country called “Manicure”.

New year’s nail design photo

That abundance can come for new year’s eve and how to make unique Christmas nail designs?

Sticker Christmas nail design

The use of stickers is rather creative technique, however, for new design, this version is quite suitable. Besides it is very practical, original and simple in execution.

Sticker Christmas nail design

Agree, images of snowflakes, lanterns and other festive elements looks quite attractive.

And the most important thing this manicure you can create in just a few minutes, which is important in pre-new year rush. In this case, it is a great alternative to nail Polish.

Stylish and simple – what else should a busy modern woman. How to transform your manicure using stickers?

  1. Apply clearcoat
  2. Choose sticker Christmas theme. It can be Christmas decorations, snowflakes, soft toys etc.. Peel it from the base.
  3. Apply the sticker and gently flatten it.
  4. Speel nail file the excess sticker.
  5. Cover the top coating.

Well, that’s all. Christmas nail designs stickers ready!

View video as easy to do a Christmas nail design:

Stylish decorations for Christmas design

Christmas nail art design should be bright and shiny. This effect can be achieved by using sequins, stones, rhinestones, stickers or beads. The last name may cause confusion. What is the beads?

This small colorful beads to create a placer or embossed pattern. To apply this decoration to not dry the nail base. All about bubbly manicure, read here.

Another great decoration for new year’s nail design is, of course, foil — for a brilliant festive manicure.

Remember that in the new design, you can throw out all their imagination and originality.

Christmas nail design with rhinestones

Influenced by the fashion trends today are not left unattended and nail design. Simple painted lacquer manicure is no surprise. Today a manicure is considered a real art.

On the nails, you can draw the whole picture, not to mention simple patterns and decorative patterns. In this case, in the course are any materials for decoration. Along with all sorts of stencils and glitter is very popular today, the use of rhinestone in nail design.

This decorative element was a whole evolution. First, it can be found on clothing, then the crystals started to decorate the house, later he expanded himself and in the decorative make-up and finally got to design nails.

Christmas nail design with rhinestones

And it is quite justified as a manicure using rhinestones is absolutely easy to do the most. Any woman could handle it. And if you have a special tool, strong desires and a few drops of imagination is, in General, will not be difficult.

However, to work looked harmoniously, it is necessary to know the sense of proportion and a little have good taste. Otherwise, you can turn a manicure in a gaudy cheap.

For those who don’t know what rhinestones or never seen them, will tell you that it is this element of the decor. Small stones in semi-precious and precious stones. Sometimes the quality of the rhinestones-difficult to distinguish from the original stone.

On the one hand the rhinestones are of various faces, by which they are so bright sparkle and glitter. The second side usually matte and smooth to make it easy to glue the decoration onto any surface.

As for color and form, there is no limit to imagination. Such diversity is hard to imagine. Due to this and created a variety of patterns on nails. The size of the crystals also varies.

For example, the smallest crystals you can put different patterns. The shape of the crystals can be very diverse. Very elegant and festive manicure looks with the use of crystal “Halo”, which sparkle and shimmer in any light.

Quite impressive rhinestones can look not only long nails, but short. It all depends on your preferences. And sometimes short nails are just a forced necessity, as young mothers another option just does not fit.

Large enough crystals must be used in moderation. Since they completely cover the natural beauty of the manicure, and attract the attention of unwanted Shine. More attractive looks the crystals of small sizes.

Below the rhinestones looked harmoniously, it is better to use a unified scheme of decoration. For example, the small rhinestones can be distributed evenly on all the nails, and the larger to decorate one or two. It will look elegant enough.

How to make a Christmas nail design

View step-by-step master class how to make a beautiful Christmas picture.

Christmas designs on nails


New year’s nail design photo