The newspaper manicure

Manicure in black and white always looks elegant. Original and simple newsprint manicure has become fashionable first abroad and then in our country. You can do it in the salon or on your own. Make it is not difficult, for this you will need a very small amount of material. There are several ways to create a manicure using Newspapers.


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The first option — how to make a newspaper manicure

Step 1. Prepare the nails – a manicure at home, to give them the desired shape and apply a layer of transparent, white or any other varnish at their discretion.

Lacquer color can be chosen according to your image, accessories and outfits for a certain event. In our example, this is the blue paint color.

Step 2. Take the newspaper (whether black and white or colored paper) and cut out the small pieces, which will perfectly cover the shape and size of each nail.

Step 3. Pour into a small container of rubbing alcohol and push back a piece of newspaper for a few seconds.

Step 4. When the varnish is dry, you can attach cut soaked newspaper on the nail and wait 10-40 seconds. The time depends on the print quality, paper thickness, etc..

Slightly press down with a cotton swab soaked in alcohol to the letters propeciacialis more clearly.

Step 5. Gently with tweezers, remove the piece of newspaper.

Step 6. Then cover the nails with the newspaper top coverage.

You can apply the pieces of newspaper to the nail, but only part of it. If you cut small pieces, they can be put in any order.

Although the technology and basic design are the same, but a lot depends on the background color, such as manicure in pink tones, very gently.

But a bright background is more suitable for parties and night clubs.

Particularly original will look these pieces of paper, if previously they lightly sear.

Newspaper (there is also the option of using the dollar or any other bill) can be used in gel nail extensions.

Original and fresh it will look a manicure with a newspaper, adding a bit of glitter, rhinestones, or glitter. You can also add paintings and different drawings are very animated newspaper manicure and will lend its flavor.

How to make a newspaper manicure — video

View video two — how to do a manicure with a newspaper on their own.


The second method — how to make a newspaper manicure

It should be started in the same way as in the previous version, but then you’ll need a fresh, newly printed newspaper.

Attaching it to the painted (and dried) white or clear varnish to the nails must be applied on top of a cotton swab wetted with alcohol or alcohol-containing liquid.

Hold a little swab, you can remove it along with the newspaper. Printed on the nails of a letter you can cover the top with clear varnish.

Manicure with maps

The designers of the nail industry come up with more original ideas for manicure. And here’s one — see how you can replace the paper maps and get unexpected and stunning manicure.

Try to do a manicure with a newspaper is a lot easier than you think!

Newspaper manicure photo