Office style 2013: basic features

We spend at lot of time to afford to look at the walls of the office inappropriately. In addition, our appearance has a direct impact on our career. So the website Stylish is strongly recommended not to neglect your business image. Well, to help you, we will tell you what is an office style 2013.

Office fashion 2013 – what’s new store couturier

Office fashion is quite conservative. However, this does not mean that the canons office style is completely static.

This year designers offer to wear a business lady and loose Trouser suits, masculine tailoring and feminine fitted model. Reigns classic office print strip.

However, did not escape the attention of designers and cell. It is found in various versions – both small and more large and noticeable.

In 2013, fashion designers are actively implementing in the fashion of peplum. Jackets, endowed with the peplum, it is recommended to combine with the pencil skirt – this will allow you to create very elegant, strict, but at the same time feminine.

And so indispensable in the wardrobe of every business woman pencil skirt this year can be not only the traditional black, gray or brown. Welcome model, decorated with bright unusual prints – for example, a floral or geometric theme.

This skirt is a real challenge to the monotonous office routine. They can also be decorated with the same peplum lace inserts. The MIDI length is unchanged.

This year leather is one of the dominant trends. It has penetrated into all styles, including office fashion. Just designers use it very delicately.

For example, a little black dress will look much more interesting if you combine it with leather sleeves. Pencil skirt with leather lapels – an unexpected interesting solution.

However, if you have a not too hard boss, you can wear in the office and a leather pencil skirt. This thing with large interference may be considered part of the business of fashion, but sometimes you can afford a harmless experiments.

Has not bypassed the attention of designers and office dress.

As this year is welcome play on contrasts, I suggest you look to the stylish combination of black and white in one dress.

The dress is embellished with floral print, also found a place in the office fashion 2013.

Silk and satin blouses, refined with a subtle pattern, is the perfect complement to the strict office attire.


The theme of the game of contrasts continues in the models of blouses, which masterly combine, for example, clearly stand out from the background of the cuff or collar.

Women have long appreciated the functionality of cropped pants. Office trousers with ankle length is the trend of this year.

This length emphasizes the elegance of the feet and makes the perception of the image more unusual.

With such pants will be perfectly combined any jackets and blouses.

Restraint office style is expressed first and foremost in the simplicity accessories. This year designers also recommend not abuse them.

Delicate strap, contrasting against the General background – that’s the perfect complement to the suit business lady.

Welcome still silk scarves, elegant scarves, brooches inconspicuous, medium-sized jewelry.

Shoes business women in 2013 should be classic black, or delicate pastel shades – beige, silver, etc.

As you can see, office 2013 continues the best traditions, but not far behind time, carefully demonstrating the General trends prevailing in the fashion world.

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