Office style to the full: learning to make a basic wardrobe

The choice of clothing for the fuller figure is always fraught with some difficulties. Definitely pick closet for owners of standard physique a lot easier. But the business woman has to look perfect no matter what size clothes she wears. Actually office style fits larger women most of all because of its brevity and restraint in the best way allows to demonstrate the advantages of the curvy figure. Just need to know some of the nuances and take them into account when choosing clothes. What will tell you the website Stylish.

How to look like an office closet full of women

So you looked at the office with dignity, you don’t have to score a wardrobe of clothes.

Enough to have a few universal things that have a high degree of variability and thus help to visually conceal the extra weight.

We present to you the hit parade of the absolutely indispensable elements that should form the basis of a office wardrobe full of girls: 1. Fitted long jacket. To choose a jacket that will fit you like a glove – this is a big problem, even for skinny women, so come to the process responsibly.

  • If you can’t buy it in a clothing store, it is wise to contact the Studio, because this thing will last you long and will come to the rescue more than once.
  • Avoid jackets of a direct silhouette, masculine tailoring – they make you look even bigger.
  • Will not work for you, and cropped jackets – it completeness most often, women are concentrated in the area of the hips and abdomen, so the jacket should hide the problem areas.
  • Bad version – the jacket closes with a single button. It will optically enlarge your dimensions.

2. Straight or slightly flared trousers with creases in black. The classic cut trousers is a staple in your office wardrobe. The arrows help to visually lengthen your legs, thereby you to look slimmer.

3. Pencil skirt length just below the knees. This style skirt is the perfect solution for those who want to appear slimmer. It will help to emphasize the flowing curves of the shape, pull all of the excess in the stomach area and hips, emphasize the waist.

4. Blouse of white color. That white color look fat, should not deter you from buying a simple white fitted shirt. Black bottom and white top is a classic business fashion. With this garment you’ll be able to focus on the most sensual part of your body – lush Breasts. It’s enough to leave a few unbuttoned top buttons.

Besides, the white color will give your ensemble a more elegant look and refreshes the complexion.

5. Black turtleneck-noodles. Choose a model that will not be too tight, otherwise you may flaunt unsightly folds on the sides and back. Turtleneck has a little snugly to the body, not dragging it in any places.

6. Sheath dress. This style of dress is not in vain for nearly a century, is not coming from the catwalks. It’s perfect for any figure. The most important thing is to find your size. Sheath dress should be selected strictly on the figure.

With it, you will be able again to focus on their feminine proportions.

7. Pumps. Selection of shoes for full is a separate epic. Here it is necessary to consider many factors. But most importantly, the shoes should be medium heel and of good quality.

Avoid shoes with high thin heels on the background of your leg will seem even fuller than it is actually. Shoes with broad, rough-heel and platform will make your figure look more overweight.

The best option is a steady heel of about 5 cm in height. Trust me, if you choose the right model, these shoes are more comfortable than shoes with a flat sole. Colors that fit in with business dress code usually is best suited for the fuller figure. It is not necessary to focus solely on black. There are many other shades that will be appropriate for the office and will help you look sleeker, for example, Bordeaux, blue, green, beige. Wear vertical stripes – this is a great opportunity to become slimmer without going beyond the dress code. As you can see, a full office style is ideal.