Original manicure 2018

This original manicure was based on the collection of Christian Louboutin. The famous French designer during the whole creativity creates beauty products that are designed to emphasize the femininity of their owners. At the time, more than 20 years ago, Christian Louboutin has released a collection of shoes black color, sole in which the examination of the collection colored in red.

“Source” is red then it has become the nail Polish of the assistant designer. Now the sole bright red is a distinctive feature of women shoes from the French designer.


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Nail art designers picked up this idea and created a bilateral original manicure, which follows two famous colors of these shoes — a black top and red bottom.

This original manicure quickly gained popularity.

Original manicure

Nail form for this nail Polish.

How to make an original manicure

New: tires for original nail Polish from Christian Louboutin

One of the nice fashion news in August 2014 was the release of the collection of nail Polish from Christian Louboutin.

Now to the shoes and bags were added to the collection of nail Polish which includes 3 colour areas, “Noir”, “Pop”, “Nude” — a total of 31 shades.

The idea of promo-company of this beauty product resonates with the world-famous shoes-louboutins. Externally, the bottles of nail Polish in common with the shoes: the handle is made in the form of studs from the shoes with a length of 20 cm.

In tryserum video, created by David Lynch, a long red-and-black stiletto heel separated from the Shoe from the ballet series Louboutin”s Ballerina Ultima and closes the bottle with nail Polish deep red color.

This color first presented and went on sale in the United States within this collection. In late August, there will be other 30 shades of lacquer.

It is stated that the composition of varnishes the new collection includes a high concentration of pigments, coloring nails in bright, deep colors. A clear advantage of the product is that after staining the nail is not visually thickens.

New nail Polish from Christian Louboutin are quite expensive and will soon appear in Europe. In addition, in the next few years there will be more and other beauty products under the name of the brand.

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