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How high was the position of most famous brands, famous and presentable Fashion Houses and their fashion designers whose names are known around the world without exception, hyperactive modern life dictates its own terms, not looking for fancy names and brands.

The main result of making adjustments to life this amazing, but slightly divorced from reality the fashion world is changing runway trends. In the life of catwalks, couture and extravagant outfits often break images and more designed for everyday use. Fashion shows are subjected to violent attacks, and attacks their street style clothing.

About street style, says site for women Stylish.

Street style: a bit of history

Street style, just like any newborn, is your birthday. Date of birth of this style can be called the middle of the last (unfortunately many) of the 20th century. The horrors of a deadly war, freedom of speech, thought and action, is too early maturing of children and teenagers of that period led to the aggravation (and sometimes conflict) between the generations.


The need of expression, the emergence of entirely new and not always adequate subcultures and the desire to prove to adults their eternal wrongs demanded a release of accumulated adolescent emotions, such a solution is successfully introduced. The language of the rebellious youth were heard and implemented in the creation of a new image, later dubbed street style.

Initially, this newly created out aggression and lack of understanding of style is reflected only on the streets. Carelessness and restlessness,with complete disregard for existing then of the canons of fashion, culture and life, the absence of a specific “stop” and belonging to one or another coterie are fundamental in creating street-ready looks.

This style required a special atmosphere of unity adolescents, denial of all existence and disregard all sorts of rules. The atmosphere and created the street.

However, even like this, full of contempt for the traditions and outright rebellion, the style over time has modified, increasingly falling under the influence of internal canons and emerging musical trends, dictating your own images. Street style in the clothing absorbed the all-encompassing love hippie, he was ringing with metal biker chains glowed and acid fluorescent dyes.

Restlessness and carelessness were replaced by elegantly-deliberate negligence, and the veneration of the “miserable thing” — love for expensive and sophisticated brands came out from under the “wing” of the most famous rappers and leaders of hip-hop. The style is slowly but inevitably transformed.

Street style in the clothing trends of today

Today’s trends are, how strange and surprising it might sound, democracy reigned in the corridors of high fashion. The streets are inexhaustible and constant source of inspiration for the most famous and popular designers who have had street-everyday images in your outrageous collection. Yes, and the street style is so evolved that became completely different and unrecognizable.

Of course, there is some negligence, welcoming ragged jeans and holey shirts, but it’s just sharp “spice” to the main “dish” — elegant and extraordinary detail of the wardrobe, at its cost, sometimes superior to the most expensive creations from the couture.

Today’s street style is freedom and emancipation, not beyond the bounds of propriety, convenience, comfort and self-expression, seasoned individual shocking and extraordinary details. This street vintage, born from the depths of the most popular subcultures became popular and even necessary. He freely took the large shelves and wardrobes of fashionable ladies, and 15 year olds dancing hip-hop on the street. Without his images, no cost, no trip to the store or a trendy hangout.

Street style clothing – it is life itself, making infinite adjustments to the ephemeral and a bit crazy world of modern fashion.


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