Party in Chicago style

Admit it: even the most tight-knit group in which everyone always has something to talk about, needs to periodically Wake up, filled fresh impressions. So if you have once again decided to collect guests for some occasion, the website Stylish can give you a great idea for the holiday was fun and memorable for the guests for a long time – plan a party in Chicago style!

Welcome to Chicago! The secrets of a retro party

Of course, there are special agencies willing to issue you such an event “turnkey”, so if you have a lot of money and little time, you can use their services. However, you are quite capable to demonstrate organizational skills, creative approach to business and to turn all their wildest ideas to life no matter where you invite guests to your apartment, restaurant or rented space. But our instructions will help you.

Clothing. It is a key point in the creation of reliable images. Warn all participants in advance to give them enough time to prepare. Dress code for men: classic suits (stripes especially welcome), ties, suspenders, vests, stylish hats, canes. And a mandatory attribute of the gangster – weapons: revolvers and machine guns (just let it be so not true from sin).

As for the female half of the audience is an opportunity to flaunt silk dresses, fur capes, small hats with feathers, gloves.

Even if your company is non-smokers (which we strongly welcome), for the faithful men can keep teeth the unlighted cigar, but women, thin cigarettes in the mouthpiece.

Music. Of course jazz! What’s even better will help to plunge into the atmosphere of good old American 30’s? Can alternate it with the Blues, rock-n-roll, tango, swing. She is the main backdrop of the party. And in the next room you can organize a movie theater and twist of various gang movies such as “don Corleone”, “Irish”, “gangs of new York”.

— Table. The kitchen – not the key point in this event. In General, it is possible to do traditional cold cuts, grilled steak, French fries. In “cinema” put the popcorn and chips. But the topic of drinks requires more attention. After all, in the 30s in America acted prohibition. So you will organise a real speakeasy. And masking (a sudden there was a police RAID) alcoholic drinks should be poured into the samovar. And serve coffee and tea cups.

And since the 30th of whiskey was equated to drugs and were given in a pharmacy with a prescription, you can put on the table a couple of bottles of this “medicine” and to provide the label instructions for use.

The design of the room. It is best if the interior will be decorated in black and white with red tones. The light should be muted to create an atmosphere of mystery and intimacy. Decorate the walls of the classy black-and-white photographs – for example, a popular jazz performers, and actors. Build a table for roulette, over which will hang a smoke (you can use incense or hookah, although cigars are certainly more authentic).

Entertainment. And of course, the key to a successful party – action! Guests should not be bored, everyone needs to participate in the program. Differently styled evening will turn into a banal gatherings with alcohol.

Be sure to make sure each guest has a memento of the evening. For this we need to organize a photo shoot – it’s not every day there are such events! It is best to remove the guests as soon as they come into the room – while they are still as “in the way”.

Because the ability to shoot is a sign of prowess of every gangster, organize a shooting competition. To do this is to stock up on toy guns and hang on the wall of the target.

Be sure to arrange roulette game that’s why you organized the table. Other gambling games like poker are also welcomed. Just let the game is not for money, but for chips. And then the chips can be exchanged for some prizes: for example, a bottle of “medicine”, watch on a chain in the style of 30-ies, a cigar in the box. Another option is “currency” — of course American dollars, not real.

Aerobatics – pre-print newspaper containing the latest reports on the life of your gangster party. The newspaper needs to be done with humor, it is desirable to contain the photos of the partygoers – and the memory will remain, and laugh. Hang it on the wall in a prominent place so that everyone could enjoy.

And of course, what party in Chicago style without the game “Mafia”!

So, as you can see, there are lots of options to make your celebration really fun and memorable. Depending on its capabilities, you can organize a party in style of Chicago, which leave in the soul of your guests a bright trace, and you will glorify both the original and the incendiary person. It is necessary to show only a little imagination and applying a bit of effort.