Patterns on nails needle

Very often there are situations when you need to make a bright and beautiful manicure. In this case, we will approach the exquisite and unique patterns on nails needle. This design is not complicated, but requires a little perseverance and experience. But then, when you master this technology, you will always have a stunning, unique and unique manicure.


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  • Patterns on nails needle — how to master the technique
  • Tips — how to paint nail with a needle
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This popular technique of drawing on nails — one of my favorites. It is a bit like marble, water manicure, but done easier and faster and undoubtedly, the most affordable and easy way to decorate your manicure yourself. And to improvise with the pattern as you like, the main thing is to learn the basic schemes of drawing on the nails with a needle.

You need to draw the design on the nail with a needle

  1. Lucky several shades, contrasting white and black, red and white, etc. Main condition — the varnish has to be fresh. Not allowed excessive density.

    It is also desirable that the varnish was the same manufacturer, as they have the same composition and mixed together very well, creating a smooth and incredible designs.

  2. Another indispensable tool is, of course, a needle for sewing. Although professional stores you can buy a special needle with a handle, but just as you can adapt, for example, a wooden pencil with a needle.

    It all depends on your habits, on the contrary, some like to work with a little needle to hand at the drawing was closer to the nail, and some have adapted to draw an ordinary pin. Keep in mind to get fine lines and delicate pattern, it is necessary to use a fine needle, usually needle No. 90.

  3. As with any manicure you need a basic and top coating, liquid varnish remover and corrector.

Patterns on nails needle — how to master the technique

1 way of drawing

Cover the nails base varnish and after it dries apply the main lacquer. In our example it is red.

Without waiting for drying, i.e. on a wet basis using a few drops of nail Polish of a different color.

Then these droplets gently pull the needle in one direction, forming patterns, drawing figure eights and circles.

You can find many ready-made schemes for the nails with a needle, the most interesting of them we will present below.

Create drawing on nails needle — 2 way

When base coat is dry, put drops of paint, they can be one or several different colors, it all depends on your imagination and ideas.

And then as in the first embodiment, i.e., the technology is very similar, only in the second case the pattern is not mixed with the background lacquer.

This way you can make a more modest, not bright manicure, or decorate your French manicure. Stylish and tasteful.

Don’t forget to top the finished design with lacquer-fixer.

Tips — how to paint nail with a needle

1. Before you start drawing, work out, for example, on the glass. Indeed, in our case the most important thing is the speed of drawing. If you do not have time and the varnish dries, mixing paints impossible. Only on the WET varnish turns out beautiful and flawless drawing on nails needle!

2. The lines of the pattern was smooth and clear — keep the needle at an angle of 90⁰ relative to the plane of the nail.

3. The tip of the needle should always be perfectly clean, don’t forget to wipe with a cloth dipped in liquid varnish remover.

4. To avoid damaging your nail plate, use a needle very carefully, take care not only about beauty but also about the health of your nails.

The disadvantage of this method is that the most beautiful drawings on the nails with needle work on a fairly thick layer of varnish and, as you know, this greatly enhances the drying time. Therefore, it is recommended that a good quality top coat for faster drying.

Patterns on nails needle — schema

Very nice design, the patterns are applied with white and red lacquer. Points are set with a special tool — dots.

Another very original drawing on nails needle

Patterns on nails needle — video tutorial

See how you can make such beautiful drawings on the nails with a needle.

Patterns on nails needle photo


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