Peculiarities of business style for fat women

A woman who wants to make a career and achieve success and recognition at work, have to look their ambitions. We all know that business etiquette is quite demanding on the dress, he does not tolerate nor shocking, nor of extravagance, nor a Frank eroticism. Buy things that would meet all the strict criteria in business dress code, it is difficult even to owners of standard shapes.

What can we say about those who are curvaceous. Today, the website Stylish Stuff will tell you what are the features of business style for full, and how to dress in the women at work to look properly.

Features business style full

I got news for you: you’re not alone, and designers take into consideration your needs and interests. Many of fashion designers undertake the creation of collections to complete and do not overlook the business clothes. So there is a choice. The main thing – to take into account some of the nuances.

The choice of colors

Every woman knows that dark colors slim, and light fat, and exploits this feature of colors. In this regard, a business style is what the doctor ordered. Strict and conservative in everything, including in the colors, it does not allow neither the coarseness nor the intense shades. And the owners of lush figures is just at hand.

Black color is a classic business fashion. It is durable, elegant, spectacular. And also to dress in black color – the easiest way to visually lose a few pounds.

However, you don’t have to focus only on black. A similar effect will be produced and other dark colors that are also part of the corporate dress code: deep blue, Burgundy, brown, etc.

Full women God himself commanded to wear vertical stripes. This drawing has a unique ability to pull the figure and make it slimmer. In the office this color is quite appropriate.

Choice of style

Hard to argue with the fact that well-tailored, selected size fitted jacket is a garment that helps to give the shape a smooth silhouette, hide her flaws and highlight the merits. Most importantly – it needs to be of good quality. Jacket – the basic thing in a woman’s wardrobe. And business woman, there should be at least three.

To jacket strainer you, and did not perform a diametrically opposite function, it should feel comfortable – do not stretch in your chest or shoulders, free to agree on the stomach, does not restrict movement.

Classic straight fit pants – the best for fat women. Use the magical power of the arrow: it will visually lengthen legs and make you slimmer, to the same arrow always looks very elegant.

In the wardrobe of a working woman have to be an office dress.

Sheath dress is a dark color made of thick fabric, perfect for your style, if you want to hide the fullness. Wearing such a dress and jacket over it, complemented this outfit with tights of the same color with the dress and same color shoes on average heel, you’ll look irresistible. This outfit is perfectly for a flattering curvy figure.


Pencil skirt length to mid-knee (plus or minus a hand) is the most appropriate skirt style for the office, as well as to hide the fullness. In itself it is superfluous does not add volume, but hugs the figure gently pull the stomach and hips. Looks very elegant and with a jacket and blouse.

Speaking of blouses. For office should definitely buy several of the blouses shirting type – simple, no patch pockets, frill, decorative stitches, etc.

Such concise style blouses perfect for work and for the fuller figure. And here it does not necessarily limit themselves to dark colors. A white blouse worn under a dark jacket, will refresh the face and make your look less severe.

The most suitable shoes for the office – classic pumps heel 3-5 cm Heel is the best friend full of women, because it adds the figure of grace and harmony. Choose a sustainable model of heel.

No slender stiletto, or heavy wedge heels don’t suit you: first, they do not fit in the format of business style, and secondly, to fully shape both looks awkward.

As you can see, for the full women’s business style is a great way to present your figure the most effective.