Pedicure at home

A little bit of practice, strict consistency in recommendations and pedicures at home will become commonplace. Perfect toes a lot tell about its owner. For example, she carefully monitors herself and not allow things to break their way – even the fingernail on the little finger of her looks perfect.

Can trust the master, and can take your feet in the handles and begin to pedicure at home. The reward is pride, a nice time in caring for yourself and most importantly – the feet and nails with an impeccable pedicure. (See. also a Beautiful wedding pedicure).

Before self-care of feet, care should be taken of the availability of all tools and special cosmetics for pedicure. They are different from those needed for the manicure, as the nails on his feet more dense.

Consider the most popular types of pedicure that make in the salon and at home.


  • Classic pedicure at home
  • European pedicure at home
  • Pedicure hardware
  • SPA pedicure at home

Classic pedicure at home

This method of foot care is used for a very long time. All the corns, hardening and corns are removed by mechanical means.

Advantages: does not require purchase of special tools, fixtures and tools.

Weaknesses: sometimes is painful, high risk of infection.

Tools and resources: pedicure set, bath (pelvis) to the legs, face cloth, cream.

The order of execution

1. Well to steam legs, while moisturizing and relieving the feet from the dust particles. In bath you can add cosmetic oil, sea salt, or concentrated decoction.

2. 15-20 minutes later to pull one leg to start processing the stop surface coarse saws, removing dead skin. Legs can be alternated, adding warm water.

3. Feet wet washcloth, to pay attention to the skin between the toes.

4. Carefully cut off too long nails, leaving the line of the cut straight in order to avoid the ingrowth and separation.

5. To study the edge of the nail, leaving it smooth, removing all burrs.

6. To remove the cuticle, using tongs, manicure set, or scissors with round endings. If the cuticle is not cut, it is necessary to steam out your legs stronger. It is not necessary to come too close to the edge, otherwise you can injure living tissue.

7. Apply foot cream, working through the feet and massage.

8. Cover the nails with varnish or tool for recovery.

European pedicure at home

In contrast to the classical pedicure is not used here mechanical cutting fabrics. Instead, removal of calluses, bumps and cuticles is performed by a special cosmetic products.

A pedicure at home more safe from the point of view of hygiene.

Advantages: minimal risk of infection, so as not to damage living tissue; with regular performance slowed growth of the cuticle.

Disadvantages: the purchase of special funds; inefficient when running footsteps.

Instruments and tools: nail clippers, orange stick, cotton swabs, for removing the cuticle, foot peeling, moisturizing lotion, body gel or cream, a brush to remove calluses.

The order of execution:

  1. On clean nails apply cuticle. Making it the first time, do so in moderation and not to squeeze out too much gel.
  2. After 10 minutes the mask can be removed, and the cuticle carefully and slowly push back to the hole of the nail orange stick. The movement should be careful. If they feel pain, then continue to move the cuticle at this time.
  3. Trim and Polish the nails, making the cutting line straight.
  4. Apply the cream or gel to soften the calluses on are all available on the feet hardens.
  5. After specified on the detergent time to work on plots with brush callus. Influence of hardening is necessary as well – before the appearance of painful sensations.
  6. Applied to the skin to the height of ankles foot peeling. Neat massage movements to treat the feet.
  7. Be removed with warm water, to wipe the legs with a towel.
  8. Apply a moisturizing lotion.
  9. Cover the nails with varnish or tool for recovery.

The hardware pedicure at home

Has broad spectrum of activity, thanks to a special device that relatively quickly, safely, and painlessly takes care of the feet. In this machine to Polish the nails, remove corns, smooth the skin and get a salon pedicure at home.

Advantages: there is almost no risk of infection, easy, attachments for the different sections.

Disadvantages: the high cost of the apparatus, the need to purchase special cosmetic products, the use of the device requires skill.

Tools machine nail drill, means for softening or hardening, the foot bath.

The procedure:

1. Starting to machine pedicure for the first time, you need to carefully read the instructions.

2. Soften the skin by special means, or warm baths.

3. To influence the hardened areas recommended by the nozzle. You should control the pressure and speed so as not to hurt myself.

4. Apply to cuticle and after about 10 minutes, treated with a section of the nail with a special nozzle.

5. Using the nail using the recommended in the instructions attachment.

6. Moisturize feet and toes cream.

7. Cover the nails with varnish or tool for recovery.

SPA pedicure at home

Gently care of feet, relieve stress and relax you after a SPA pedicure at home. It is advisable to choose to conduct a free evening and try to escape from the problems.

1. To make a warm bath for the feet. Add the lemon juice, half a Cup of sea salt and your favorite fragrant oil.

2. Lower legs in the tub, covering them with a thick towel to keep the water cool off slower.

3. Take a spoonful of coarse salt, add to shower gel and thoroughly proepilirovat feet and heels.

4. Wash off the mixture.

5. Wipe the legs and brush them with oil for the body.

6. 3-5 minutes to affect the cuticle orange stick – it would go without much difficulty (if the case is not started).

7. Mix in a bowl 2 l of sea salt and 3-4 spoons of olive oil. Apply this mixture on the legs. To wear the bags, and on top of warm socks. Gray hair for 20 minutes.

8. Wash off the mixture, patting feet, and to wipe the feet dry.

9. To apply a greasy cream, combining this process with massage. You need to carefully work through each finger, stretch your foot, the arch of the foot and ankle.

10. Wear warm socks, drink herbal tea and go to sleep a sweet dream.

A skilled pedicure is immediately visible – is clearly turned marigolds, pink soles and round heels. These feet make any shoes.

Pedicure at home

In summer, flawless legs are very important – because they are constantly in sight. At the same time, in the summer the skin on the feet to resist heavy loads, suffering from dust and lack of moisture. Be aware of it and lubricate the feet at night cream or milk.

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