Pink manicure — beautiful photo 2018

Pink is the most feminine, delicate and romantic colour, in any of its shades. As for the pink nail Polish, it will surely suit all women without exception. Manicure in pink looks good on nails of any length and shape. The pink color is multifaceted, it is different in hue and brightness.

Neon bright shades of pink nail Polish adds the image of the girl confidence. Soft pastel colors emphasize the tenderness and femininity. Mother of pearl and pink nails with rhinestones will look spectacular on any occasion.

Varieties of pink nail Polish

The trend of the coming season is pink matte nail Polish. Pink matte nails will look originally with any clothes style.

You can also combine matte and gloss varnishes. Gloss varnish you can put a picture on the matte surface. This combination will create an unusual, but very stylish manicure.

Jacket in pink

Does not lose its positions rose French. The owner of a French manicure in soft pink color always looks feminine and elegant.

Pink moonlight manicure

Pink moon manicure is a worthy competitor to the classic French. Based pink goes well with yellow, white, lilac, blue, silver, and gold “holes”.

Soft pink nails design

Pink nail Polish can be combined with different colors. To add a feel of romance and lightness, you can combine pink with white.

For example, white paint to represent the lace on the pink surface of the nail. To give the style of Sass may be a combination of pink and black.

Elegant on the nails looks pink lacquer with silver.

Its popularity velvet nail art design in pink.

Once again back in fashion leopard print. With a manicure in the form of a pink leopard print no girl will go unnoticed.

This option manicure is well suited for any party.

Master class — the lace pattern on your nails

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