Preppy style for clever and talented youth

The preppy is a source of inspiration for many famous in the world of fashion couturier. Interest in it never wanes. Today the site sweet home Alabama want to share with you their knowledge about what is the style Preppy, and help you to create the appropriate image.

What is meant by this funny word? It is derived from the English phrase “pre-college preparatory”, which means “advance preparation for the College”. The history of this word leads us to an elite educational institutions of the USA and the UK, where 50-60s “Golden youth” were preparing to enter prestigious universities. Hence the name. It is this stratum of society was the Queen of preppy. The highest peak of popularity of this trend accounts for 80 years.

Preppy – it’s not only the appearance, but a specific subculture. Its pioneers, in addition to choosing appropriate outfits, professed a certain style of life, manners, vocabulary. Typical of preppy came from a wealthy family, a student. It is elegant, well mannered, educated, attractive. For some preppy is synonymous with snobbery. However, this style is much more self-confidence than of arrogance.

Briefly summarized the main features that distinguishes preppy, it’s this:

— excellent academic performance in the school (no wonder the culture is sometimes called the Preppy style standouts),

— healthy lifestyle

— sociability, friendliness,

— the observance of a certain etiquette,

— serious views on life

— respect for traditional values: family tradition, political system, religious beliefs, moral principles,

— and, of course, appearance.

As to the last point, this style has the following main features.

Features a preppy

1. Typical components of the wardrobe of preppy is:

— Polo shirts

— checkered shirt

dress with pleated skirt

— sweater vests,

— cardigans,

— Capri pants, Bermuda shorts,

— three-piece suits,

dress in sporty style.

All clothing made of natural fabrics – wool, cashmere, cotton.

The colors varied, as soft pastel tones and bright colors. A very popular topic in the style of preppy numerous prints on clothing: plaid, stripes, diamonds.

Generally, clothing in the preppy look reminiscent of the shape of expensive private schools.

2. Traditional shoes:

— moccasins,

— sandals,

— pumps low heels,

— ballet flats.

3. An important place in the preppy look is given to the details and accessories. The image of preppy is unthinkable without a belt. Carefully selected gloves, purses, ribbons on his head and bows. Traditionally worn duffel bag or small solid bags over the shoulder. Often used the bow tie. Decoration matched graceful and tasteful cufflinks, small earrings made of pearls or diamonds, delicate necklaces, bracelets. In the environment of preppy tradition was family jewelry, ie those that were passed down from generation to generation. Very popular clips.

4. Makeup preppy very close to naturalmu. Amount is minimum: just enough to make the girl look fresh and bright, but not glaring. However, girls — preppy not cultivated asexuality. On the contrary, they were very nice and attractive, but without a hint of vulgarity. Girl Preppy style will never allow themselves to appear in public in jeans, of which peeks lingerie, or see-through blouse.

Now Preppy is, first of all, the style of clothing that involves a combination of classicism, practicality and elegance of the image. The whole concept of a preppy – casual chic: nikitova the demonstration of a certain level of life and success.

Another feature is that the Preppy style is all – one can find in the framework of the ideal embodiment.

It should be noted that during the early days of preppy clothes, he was relevant, was very costly. This style is represented by many elite fashion houses. For example, Tommy Hilfiger, since 1985, been an ardent admirer of this style, it remains so to this day. And Lacoste are known for their signature t-shirt, Polo a variety of colors. However, buy a t-shirt with the famous crocodile on the chest – not a cheap pleasure.

Fortunately, now a lot more affordable brands are working toward preppy: for example, Gant or Topshop.

Perhaps the image of preppy may seem boring to someone. However, the fact that his popularity is not reduced, and designers from season to season, back to him, shows that classics never get old.

In addition, the preppy look is still a traditional form of clothing typical of some sports, e.g. squash, Golf, tennis. So historically, because it was entertainment exclusively for the wealthy segments of the population.

It is no secret that the clothes you wearing, has a specific message to others.

That’s why our website encourages you to experiment with preppy, if you:

1. Do you want to manifest for people more serious and responsible person – after all, this style lends a touch of formality.

2. Want to learn how to communicate with people, become more open and communicative – this style involves friendliness and social orientation.

3. Strive to change your lifestyle. To live in a preppy is not only to dress in plaid skirt and bright crocheted vests. Sign up to a gym. Start to care for the skin and hair. Go to the dentist. Choose natural makeup. Find a fresh and delicate perfume. Preppy style suggests that your image radiates health.

4. My dream is to learn to live in accordance with higher standards. Abandon markets and sales. Start to buy good and quality stuff at decent stores. Let them be not much, but their message to others is: “I respect myself and you.”

You’ll see the preppy look, over time, be sure to change the quality of your life.