Provence Style French Fleur in the interior of

Beautiful natural scenery, plenty of sunlight, interspersed with rich colours, enticing aromas of sea breeze and blossoming meadows, dried, multi-colored and fragrant herbs, delicious spices, unforgettable taste of freshly brewed coffee and fresh milk, rustic flavor and coziness are the main components of the style of “Provencein the interior. Fans of the charming beauty of the French Provence – the magic of the turquoise Mediterranean sea, a Golden-rayed sun, welcoming, miniature houses, intricately braided vines of grapes amber and emerald ivy were world-famous artists and poets such as Picasso, Paul Cezanne, Chagall, Matisse, van Gogh and other great talents.


The period of formation of the latter-day style, characterized by regularity, simplicity and lightness, authenticity and amazing harmony fell to 15-17 century. The name “Provence” in French sounds like “province”, and it was there, in the South-East of France in the nineteenth century, provincial Provence, freely set on the picturesque coast of the Mediterranean, has blossomed this unique style – “French, an easy country”.

Main components and General characteristics of the style of Provence

Features Provence style in the interior is enclosed in the color of distressed furniture, slightly rough surfaces, rough and purposely uneven plastered walls, deliberately vague, unobtrusive, bright and delicate color palette.

This low-key country style rejects nothing pretentious and pompous, and the “harmonious sound space” are achieved through stylish, wicker or wooden furniture, wrought-iron or bronze elements charming decoration on a background of pale yellow or white-washed walls with naked stone or brick walls, and dark, chocolate brown beams.


A highlight of Provence is considered to be interior burning fireplace, giving warmth to the cool evenings and a unique rural coziness and homespun, delicate linen blankets, and woolen carpets.

The features of the interior in the spirit of Provence

In this provincial, light style is valued the continuity and naturalness, which borders with heartwarming charm of antiquity. Natural, durable stone, brick with a touch of colorful icing, coloured mosaics and ceramic tiles with delicate painting blends well with the interior style of Provence.

Contrast wild nature and the simplicity of the village way of life embodied in the features of the interior: stained or painted, wooden furniture with cracks and chips, in cracked from time to time, dressers, buffets, massive tables, wardrobes with drawers, carved beds and “worn”, bedside tables with wrought iron legs.


The most common shades of furniture – light green, olive, brown, pale lilac, and also bright colours, natural wood and whipped cream. The facade of the wardrobe drawers and cabinets are usually covered with a transparent wax or painted in green, terracotta or blue shades, creating a juicy spot on a light background walls.


White doors are often decorated with ornate, floral motifs, and big window-doors open to beautiful views of natural landscapes. On the floor, as a rule, raw or painted Board or durable tile. In the design of the original bathroom option can be a sea theme with shells, figurines seagulls and fishing nets.

French Provence style in the interior: the subtle nuances of colors, decorative elements and fashion accessories

The interior style of Provence characteristic of mild, pastel colors with bright accents, especially popular combination of milky blue, lavender, terracotta, beige, sand, Sunny yellow shades, as well as sea green, ochre and young olives.


For the decoration of walls of living spaces ideal paintings and tapestries, upholstery and curtains, velvety fabric with floral patterns.

Textiles of Provence is first of all, bleached cotton and linen with floral patterns or slightly noticeable stripes as well as blue and white or red and white, gingham.


Adorn the interiors of the house in the Provence style wicker and wrought-iron pieces of the original decor – planters, candlesticks, vases and capacious baskets. The niches of the walls is often filled ceramic, decorative plates, chandeliers, elegant mirrors and still lifes.

One of the main distinctive features of style of Provence – the figure of a perky rooster , a symbol of wellbeing and prosperity of France.

In addition, in the interior country French, welcome lace decorative elements – delicate, woven tablecloths and napkins, pillows with pretty ruffles, curtains made of muslin, linen or printed cotton with a lush drape.

Even lampshades the many lamps covered with cotton small flower, but to the many lighting designers use wrought — iron sconces, chandeliers and wall lights.

Bulky, ceramic utensils, homespun, as if faded in the sun, tracks, live plants in huge tubs, bunches of grass, hanging under the ceiling, fresh, bright bouquets of wild flowers, and art ikebana – fill the room with a special “breath of antiquity”.

For the realization of concise and effective of the Provence style in the interior you, the most fashionable and stylish Things, will be quite small financial resources and rich imagination. After all, the most important is to invest in creating a cozy atmosphere in a piece of his own soul, his personal, individual view details, “provincial chic” and to fill your home with serene calmness, “nice touching” comfort, that gives a vintage, French style of Provence.


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