Red manicure: trends fall 2018/19

Red nail Polish, as well as red lips, red lingerie never goes out of fashion and at all times attracts men. However, the girls should be very careful in using red color in your manicure. Not to cross the line of vulgarity, you need to follow the simple rules of wearing red nail Polish.

Red manicure: trends fall 2018/19

When wearing red nail Polish

Red manicure – an essential element of the festive outfit. New year red nails in combination with white or decorated with drawings of snowflakes looks very impressive.

The youth party or a romantic date you can make an interesting accent, paint a couple or a single finger (usually unnamed) in red.

Red manicure: trends fall 2018/19

Interesting on the red nails will look, for example, leopard, tiger painting, rhinestones. The shade of red you can use in your wedding manicure, adding interestingness to saturated white image of the bride. It is best to use a nail Polish red.

Red manicure: trends fall 2018/19

Bright red nails always attract attention to her hands. Therefore, it is necessary to seriously care about improving your skin on the hands, eliminate flaking, and wait for healing scratches, wounds, otherwise red manicure will only enhance the appearance of scars on the skin.

What to wear with red nail Polish

As the bright nails – catchy element of the image of a woman wearing more jewelry (rings, bracelets) is not recommended.

Red manicure: trends fall 2018/19

It is acceptable to paint your nails in a red shade for work, if the length of the nails short. Long red nails are only appropriate at celebrations and festivities.

Red manicure: trends fall 2018/19

How to paint nails with red varnish

Red nail Polish has its own characteristics of application, therefore, when buying red lacquer in addition to attractive color shade you should pay attention on the brush to overlay. The brush should be soft and one motion to paint the entire nail.

Sticking stiff synthetic bristles will not allow to apply the varnish evenly. So purchase red lacquer cheap price categories: – risk due to the inability to apply it efficiently because of the bad brush.

To save you can separately purchase inexpensive nail Polish, but separately to spend the money on a good brush.

Red manicure: trends fall 2018/19

It should be noted that to apply the varnish of a red color it is only necessary after applying the base on your nails. Otherwise the nails can be left yellow stains. Besides special base prolongs durability of varnish.


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