Red manicure 2019

As elsewhere, in the world of cosmetics there are a number of classic elements. These include nail Polish and lipstick bright red color. Despite the fact that each season there is a large number of new products in the color red manicure is always in trend, in the color Bordeaux, in a rich coral shade. Bright, bold red color even capable of discreet and quiet prude to make a stylish, confident woman. The image of a gray mouse will sparkle with new colors, if you add a little red color.


  • How to apply the red color in the manicure
  • The history of the emergence of the red lacquer
  • The basic rules of manicure with red nail Polish
  • French manicure with red nail Polish
  • Photo red manicure

Red manicure — secrets of application and application features

Manicure with red nail Polish is a sign of style. Do not get hung up on just one shade. In practice, more than 30 color shades of red: bright color poppy, a wine shades of red, Burgundy, coral, full-bodied brick. Each of them can become not just a part of the image of women, and to dictate design trends in clothes and in nail art.

The variety of shades of red allows it to be used in different images. From outfits on a romantic date to a business formal suits. Bright red color goes well with cool, pastel shades. Adds flavor, style and dynamics.

The most important thing is to know how to correctly combine a particular shade of red. How to create your image so that the red color in manicure and makeup did not look as a separate item, but well in harmony with the clothes, shoes and accessories.

Choosing a color of nail Polish is very important to pay attention to its texture. Today’s manufacturers present a wide range of nail Polish.

The dense texture of glossy or matte varnish, mother of pearl, the compositions with metallic effect. Every woman can easily find the right shade and texture depending on the mood and image.

For those who prefer synthetic nails, a good alternative red varnish can become red gel varnishes. This coating is very resistant, not peeling, not chipped, tolerates a variety of loads.

For those who prefer red nail Polish in the manicure, it is very important to care for your hands.

If the regular manicure is not very attracted the attention of others on the state of the skin, red nails involuntarily attract the eye, and with it constant attention are the hands.

Red can not leave anyone indifferent. There are few people who think red is boring. Is the color of passion, of life and action. Red, even on the nails is a powerful incentive to create the image of a successful and stylish women.

Elegant red manicure video tutorial

How did the red lacquer — the historical facts

Few people know where did the custom of dyeing the nails red. This knowledge can be very interesting. For the ancient women, red nails testified, the girl has come to puberty.

Red blood on the nails and lips spoke to all the people that she is ready for adult life. Perhaps, like the echo of centuries, responds to the great interest of men to women with red lips.

Generally the custom to paint the nails is known since the times of Ancient China and Egypt. Then only those who belonged to the higher strata of society, were allowed to apply the red paint on the nails. Known facts, when in the process of archaeological excavations have discovered graves in which lay the mummies with henna-dyed nails.

Several centuries ago the Chinese believed that the longer the nails of the person, the more closer his connection with God. For this, they every possible way tried to grow as long nails, and then painted them in different colors.

In Europe red manicure was only in the 16th century during the reign of Catherine de Medici. Up to this point to paint her nails, especially red, was considered a crime and aiding the sorcerers and magicians.

In order that the nails have an attractive and well-groomed appearance they are not painted and carefully rubbed the coarse cloth. Some time after the Medicis left the throne, to paint longer nails. And only in 1932, the custom manicure with red nail Polish finally became women’s lives.

Since then, a variety of red nail Polish, shades and textures is only growing, and the popularity of such manicure is not losing ground for several decades.

Basic rules red manicure

To some it may seem that to paint your nails with red varnish – employment is quite simple. But it’s not. To manicure looked nice, should follow a few simple rules applying red nail Polish.

  • Red looked good only on long nails. If the nature or condition there is no possibility to grow desired length, you’d get salon nails.
  • The choice of red nail Polish – not an easy task. To manicure was done efficiently, special attention should be paid to the nail Polish. He must have high wear resistance resistance to different nature of the damage.
  • On the nails the red color is very well visible even the slightest of scratches and chips, so not to worry every time for your manicure, it is better to make a choice in favor of the shellac. The structure of this coating allows to create a completely smooth surface, and special ingredients to keep the structure of the nail plate.
  • Manicure with red nail Polish application, requires special care and careful approach. It would be better if this procedure will be high-level professionals.
  • The main rule, the manicure should be decorated with makeup and clothing style. To achieve a stunning effect to help different shades of red. It goes well with white, Zolotoy, blue and black colors. Bright red nail Polish is perfect for clothing in a classic style.

How to do a French manicure using red Polish

The nails covered with red lacquer is a timeless classic, which is chosen by many women and girls. French manicure with a characteristic smile on the edge of the nail can be done, not only using the varnish of white color. White French manicure into the lives of women in the early 70-ies. Today the nail Polish industry can offer ladies a wide choice of design nails.

Variety applying red nail Polish is striking in its ingenuity and novelty. Hardly a surprise classic French manicure. Properly chosen colors, the use of additional decoration can create on your nails is not just a manicure, and a small work of art.

French manicure using red Polish will be the finishing point in the image of a business woman. It is perfectly combined with strict business suits of dark colors.

For the Grand exit in a black evening dress is perfect red French manicure.

Unlike a regular manicure, the French version can be used on nails of any length. The only caveat that you need to consider is the width of the edging on the edge of the nail plate. Shorter than the nail, the thinner it needs to be. Thus, it is possible to visually increase the length of the nail. A wide, irregular stripe on the edge of the nail short will overload manicure and your nails will look messy.

For holding the red French manicure it does not matter what the shape of the nail. Rectangular, oval, short and long, neatly done manicure will give your hands well-groomed and beautiful look.

If for any reasons it is impossible to visit the salon, red French manicure is quite possible to do on their own.

For this procedure, you need to prepare:

  • red nail Polish, matching shade and texture;
  • base clear coat;
  • special stencils for a French manicure or a very thin brush.

1. Initially nails should be free from old coating and do a regular manicure. Nail file, give the desired forum, cut the cuticle. It is best to make sparing European manicure.

2. Then on the prepared nail coated with a base layer of colorless nail Polish and allow it to dry.

3. The nail glue is special stencils and paint the tips red nail plate varnish.

If you make some effort and show neatness, the same procedure can be carried out with the help of fine brushes. If you encounter stains, they are easily removed with a cotton stick soaked in a special liquid.

4. As a final step, the nail is covered with varnish, which strengthens the figure and in addition protects the nail plate.

Smile line red varnish in a French manicure is very diverse. Beveled, diamond-shape, smooth lines, variety of patterns. Each will choose for themselves something suitable.

Very successfully combined a French manicure with decorative elements in the form of rhinestones, sequins, beads. Modern style involves the combination on one hand of different colors. Usually, one nail, painting it different from the other shade is the accent color.

The red color matches perfectly with gold and black painted. This is the most popular and spectacular way to design French manicure.

Red moon manicure

The secrets of the masters when applying red nail Polish:

  • When painting nail varnish saturated with bright colors, it is better to apply initially colorless base. It protects the nail plate from the penetration of dark pigments of the varnish.
  • Choosing a French manicure for special occasions, decorate nail rhinestone and painted. This will give a certain piquancy and charm. The only caveat is to make you should not all, but only one or two of the nail.
  • As practice shows, red nail Polish most of all combined with Golden, silver, white and black.
Red manicure with rhinestones

Beautiful moon manicure with red nail Polish — video tutorial

Original manicure with red nail Polish — video tutorial

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