Red nails 2018

Every girl once in your life created red nail designs. And although it looks bright and memorable, a red manicure today is one of the key trends the year 2018. Pay attention to the main trends of the new season, which we now discuss. In particular, stylists recommend to look at the creative red manicure with unusual elements of decor. Let’s discuss the most popular trends of the new season and also talk about what a red manicure is in trend.

All the attention on the cover

If last year the top was glossy nails, then in 2018 stylists recommend to look at the more unusual texture of the nail plate. In particular, stylists recommend not stopping on the glossy nails, and try a new coating with a matte shade and also shade craquelure and velour. The trend was also coverage on the basis of sequin and velour cover and fabric cover nails. The key trend in 2018 becomes a pearly red nail Polish. Let’s take a discuss the fashionable trend.

• Pearlescent red

Red mother of pearl nail Polish looks simply amazing. It would seem that he is a native of the nineties, when the trend was all unusual coverage. Now returning into fashion mother of pearl nail Polish, but the nails look even more elegant, thanks to the texture of the nail Polish, red pearl nail Polish looks amazing paired with a design in sequins. To create his stylists recommend on the basis of the extended nail plate.

• Red and black nail design

Red and black nails has always been considered a classic trend in modern fashion. However, in the new season stylists recommend to pay attention to the unusual combination of glossy and matte coatings. What do we mean? So, many stylists recommend to pay attention to the manicure in the style of mosaic, with a combination of matte and glossy red coating of Polish. Looks like this manicure very much and tempting. It is recommended to create a short nail plate.

• Artistic painting nails and red nail Polish

Red nail Polish can look very bright and unusual to add to nail art painting. We are talking about the modern trend that is only gaining its momentum. In particular, stylists recommend to pay attention to manicure nail art painting, which looks amazing paired with red lacquer. Drawing is important to create paired with a contrasting color of nail Polish.


• Red French manicure

Red French nail design is not the first year is very popular among celebrities. Today stylists recommend to take a look at this fashion trend is new. In particular, it is important to create French nail art design with red matte finish. But as an additional decoration, it can be varied. Red French nail designs important to complement a variety of decor, including sequins on the nails.

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Lunar nail design with red color palette

Moon nail designs are always in trend. This year stylists offer us to get acquainted with the new fashionable trend that prevails on the fashion runway. Talking about red moon manicure is a classic for all time. What’s new in this nail design, you ask? The thing is that the stylists are doing a major bet on the unusual combination of dark red nail Polish. We are talking about dark Burgundy shade or wine nail Polish. He looks incredibly bright attractive. While permitting to form an image of a real woman vamp.

• Mirror nail designs

If you want to create an unusual image, note the mirrored manicure. Mirror nails design is a nail Polish based on acrylic powder finely ground aluminum. As a result, the wizard can create a stunning manicure that look bright and memorable. Mirror nail design has a smooth surface with a perfect Shine. It’s a real mirror on the nails.

• Lace design nail art paired with red varnish

For anybody not a secret that lace design nail art is very popular in 2018. In the new season stylists recommend to pay attention to contrasting combination of red nail Polish and black lace. A great solution will also be Golden or silver.


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