Salt bath for hands, feet and nails

Have you ever thought ever about how salt is widely used in different spheres of our life? Its application is not limited only to cooking. Today it is also a useful component in cosmetics, in industry and even in medicine. Though the well-known song and saying, “do not rash me salt on the wound…”, but at the time it is thanks to prilipaniu salt wounds managed to save not one life. And all because of its antibacterial action. This property is widely used for cosmetic purposes.

Many call her the white death, but in spite of this, it is worth remembering that any drug can become a poison if it is misused. If you want to get the most benefit from the salt, choose sea salt or table, but one that is not subjected to any chemical modifications.

To determine it is not difficult – slightly grayish color and crystals of medium size. This salt is rich in various minerals – potassium, calcium, manganese, zinc and many others. Of course, the ideal use for cosmetic purposes would be to use sea salt.

Probably all noticed that after a holiday at sea you can see not only the sun and a bunch of photos, but also improves overall health and condition of skin and nails in particular. But if at hand is not present such, that salt is, in principle, equal to her utility a little. In any case, the effect will be.

Salt baths for hands and nails

The first advantage of salt in cosmetology is available and easy to prepare, no matter whether about the masks, scrubs or baths. But let’s go on trays.

Some people claim that hand to judge the age of a person, so you must constantly care for them. Especially in the cold and in the spring, when many are deficiency. Among other things, our hands and nails suffer constantly from everyday Affairs, being exposed to the harmful effects of various means for washing dishes, washing powders and other household chemicals. But here comes white the assistant Sol.

To restore the hands and nails presentation and health, it is useful to 10-day course of salt baths. For this approach a deep container that you fill with warm water, add to 1 tablespoon of salt (any) and drop hands for 15 minutes. After you dry your hands with a soft towel or cloth and apply a rich cream, for this purpose you can use olive oil.

The substrate does not interfere with light massage. If baths are made in the prevention, then repeat the course once a month. In the case that you need to deal with roughness and dryness of the skin, brittle nails, it is advisable to repeat the course in 10 days. Thus, the result will be fixed.

To strengthen nails in the tray, you can add 5-7 drops of essential oil of orange or lemon, or iodine. Well suited for this purpose vitamins A and E in capsules that can be purchased at the pharmacy. They not only strengthen nails, but also makes the skin softer and softer.

Salt foot bath

The usefulness of such baths for the feet are undeniable. You can use them year-round. In the warm season they will help to get rid of dry and cold time will saturate the skin with essential minerals.

A cleansing salt bath

This bath is very effective. It will not only help cleanse the skin from stubborn dirt and dust, but also help to get rid of sweating and also to destroy harmful microorganisms, which can develop fungus.

To prepare this bath, simply wash your feet and soak in warm saline solution. Water must be at the ankle, this amount of water will need 3 tsp sea, or 3-4 tbsp of salt. The duration of this procedure 15 minutes.

Salt bath with the addition of lime blossom

To strengthen blood vessels, you can use a salt bath with the addition of lime color. In this embodiment, the water just need to replace lime infusion, proportions, and duration of taking a bath is also 15 minutes.

Using different essential oils can be toning, relieve fatigue, relax – everything depends on oil. For example, adding a few drops of oil of cedar, pine or other conifers, helps to get rid of a cold. It is desirable that the infusion was very warm, but not hot. Contraindication, of course, is the high temperature of the patient.


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