Scandinavian style in the interior – rugged beauty

What we call Scandinavian style in interior designoriginates in the late nineteenth century. This style was born in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. By its nature it is extremely distinctive – he managed to avoid the influence of ancient culture and absorb the diversity of traditions and peculiarities of those territories, among which it was created.

Our website is sure: after you read this article, you will want to experience the atmosphere of safety, peace and comfort that gives the Scandinavian style.

Features of Scandinavian style in the interior

This style was born in the region where it is cold and little light, and around are age-old forests. For members of the Scandinavian peoples show restraint, even some harshness, silence, equanimity, and respect for the environment. Surviving in the harsh climate, they were forced to use for the construction and arrangement of the dwelling that provided nature – there can be no frills.

Therefore, the main feature of Scandinavian interior is its functionality. It is a little superfluous. Each room performs a strictly allotted task. It is not peculiar gloss and glamour. And of course, every detail can be traced the idea of simplicity and naturalness. The room, decorated in a Scandinavian style, everything is logical and understandable. The rooms have a regular shape, and their purpose is not in doubt.

To be closer to nature – that’s the basic concept of Scandinavian style in the interior.

Of course, from the Viking era Scandinavian interior is much changed. Thanks to new technologies it has become not only simple, but also more comfortable. In the 20-30s of XX in Scandinavian interior received a call and gained the love of Canada, USA and throughout Europe. And now it is valued around the world. Another positive feature of this style is that every person – regardless of their social status and the thickness of the purse – can equip his home in his image and likeness. So the Scandinavian style has fans in all age groups and segments of society.

Color scheme

Scandinavian style preferred low-key and cool shades. Among them especially popular are white, light yellow, ivory, pale blue, pale terracotta. These tricks have a purpose to make the room visually lighter, as if bathed in sunshine.

However, it does not look thus pale in comparison. In order to diversify the colors, use textured paint, wood work, and of course light. By the way, about light.

Lighting solution

Light plays a particularly important role in the design of the home in Scandinavian style. In the Nordic countries, not spoiled by the sun, it is particularly important to compensate for the lack of it with the help of artificial lighting. So the room in Scandinavian style, lavishly decorated with numerous lamps.

It can be floor lamps, and table lamps, and wall lamps, and chandeliers on the metal frame near the ceiling, and a number of spotlights. In General, all the efforts are left to struggle with depressive darkness in the streets.


Traditionally all furniture, Scandinavian interior is made of wood. The preference for lighter species. Especially fit well with the interior furniture of untreated wood.

All the furniture is purely practical, without frills, and playfulness. In addition, each element aimed at fulfilling another of the General objectives of the Scandinavian interior in addition to lighting the room is the space. In Scandinavian interior is unneeded, unnecessary items. Moreover, every piece of furniture trying to “load” the additional features to save space. The policy of minimalism that is characteristic of the situation in the Scandinavian style.


The floor, walls and ceiling are finished with extremely ascetic. The walls are usually whitewashed or decorated tree. Rarely covered with classy Wallpaper. Traditional flooring – laminate or parquet Board, which if necessary can be covered with bright rugs. The ceiling is also done without hardship is unlikely to be found in Scandinavian housing any moldings or ceiling.

In General, the main feature of decoration in Scandinavian style – neutral. It serves only as a background which should not be evident, devoid of any posturing, work to the public. She just needs to do their job, not to attract attention.


But do not think that our citizens of Scandinavian regions is alien to all human. Not that they are ascetics. At least, are always happy to make easy dissonance to the interior by adding some witty parts. For example, to hang in the bathroom the towel holder in the form of a cheerful green frog. Or to put a wall decoration in the form of an anchor or a lifeline.

In Scandinavian interior design are welcome braided decorative elements – for example, boxes or drawers in the dresser.

In General, we must pay tribute to the Scandinavian peoples: they are resourceful in the use of materialsused for construction. In addition to the wood, which is a major, widely used metal, leather, linen, fur. In short, good they have not lost.

And much love from Scandinavia uses glass. It can be frosted and transparent. The main thing – it should be a lot! Because it helps to diffuse the light throughout the room, and this is extremely important.

As already mentioned, the main principle of the interior in the Scandinavian style – nothing more. Therefore, it excludes a large number of cushions, sculptures, porcelain vases, ceramic angels and other cute stuff. The interior can be decorated with a modest part with pictures, large wicker platter lined it with green apples or some souvenir in the style of “hand made”. And the tubs with fresh flowers!

I hope that austere beauty, brevity and naturalness of the interior in the Scandinavian style not leave you indifferent. If you’re in your home appreciated the comfort and thoughtfulness of the situation, this is your option.