Shoes and bag: a harmonious Alliance

Most of us from childhood familiar with the rule that shoes and bag should be the same color. Today, however, it is rather cliche. Modern fashion is becoming more democratic, providing for us a lot of alternatives for every taste. However, the shoes and bag is always the inseparable pair, and though the rules of selection are much less stringent than previously, this does not mean that from now on there are no rules anymore. The most important rule – the General harmony of the image, so combine the shoes with a bag to competently and according to all rules.

Today, the website Stylish Stuff will light you the main ways to achieve this goal.

Shoes + bag: how to make a good set

We allow ourselves to give some General guidelines on how to form successful combinations of bags and shoes. Hope they help you avoid key mistakes.

1. The most important thing when choosing a pair of “bag + shoes” to observe the style. Here you have to be guided by own taste and sense of beauty. If you’re a sensible girl, you intuitively realize that duffel bag does not fit well with classic pumps and a slim clutch with rhinestones – hardly the right company for moccasins.

2. Measure proportions and geometric shapes of both pieces. For example, cumbersome boots with a thick heel and high platform, square toe, will not be too harmonious look with the little round bag.

3. Equally important is the question of proportionality bags and shoes your figure. Fragile low girls should not wear heavy shoes and large bags – they will make them visually more slender. And ladies with a curvaceous look very ridiculous with the tiny bags under his arm and a thin unstable heels.

If you are the owner of wide hips, roomy bag on the elbow will make them even wider. Women with large Breasts and wide shoulders a large bag on a short strap is also unlikely to add harmony.

In General, make sure these items worked in favor of your looks, but not harmed.

4. In every woman’s closet must have a base. This applies to bags, shoes. Be sure to get yourself black leather pumps heel 3-5 cm and classic black leather bag.

This pair is a win-win in many situations: good for work, and for theatre, and for daily Affairs, is suitable for clothes of any color. This bag will fit also classic boots and shoes.

Another alternative kit in your wardrobe should be a combination of Shoe and handbag of the same style, but beige or brown. These colors also have a high degree of variability and are for everyone.

5. And shoes, and the bag is quite important parts in the female way. Therefore, there is a rule of balance between them: looks more luxurious than one thing, the more modest the other. If you shoes embroidered with crystals sandals and take a clutch bag with the same decor, it will be overkill.

Of course, this also applies to other items of clothing: everything should be balanced, no frills.

6. In the drawings, this rule also applies. Never combine, for example, leopard print shoes with a leopard bag. If you take a bag with stylish prints, whether good, put plain shoes and Vice versa. Even a perfectly matching pattern and the shoes and the bag looks outright overkill.

7. Always topical question of the appropriateness of your kit in a given situation. The larger the scale of the event, the need to be more colorful bag and shoes. Business casual bag in which to place important documents of A4 format and other things, without which modern woman can not do, will not be profitable to stand out at a cocktail party. And embellished with rhinestones and embroidered reticule lead your partners on business negotiations in confusion.

8. The market today, you can find bags with various colors – maroon, gold, and turquoise, though gray-brown-crimson. And pick shoes to match to colored bags are absolutely not necessary. In this case, it should be based on the color of your suit.

When you choose follow the General rules of combining colors. Remember that clothing decorated with prints require a plain bag and shoes. Don’t use in your outfit more than three colors at the same time.

More appropriate seems the variant in which the bag gets to the top of the ensemble and your shoes to the bottom.

9. A very controversial point – what rules to follow when combining materials from which made shoes and bag. Someone thinks to pick up, for example, patent leather shoes to suede the bag is bad manners. Someone sets of the same material seem to be very boring. There will have to be guided, above all, common sense and sense of style.

For example, a textile bag is unlikely to be well with crocodile loafers, and you probably will feel it.

Remember that the shoes and bag, stylish and harmonious components of a kit is an important part of the image. So societythat they need to be competent.