Shoes for fat women selection criteria

Holders of non-standard types of shapes quite often have difficulties when choosing clothes and complain that the prevailing fashion trends tailored to the needs of exceptionally slender women. But this is not true. Site Stylish you says: it is enough to know the basic rules of selection of clothes for full and be guided by them while shopping, and then more problems will not arise.

Today we will talk about what you should consider when choosing shoes for fat women.


The main criteria for the selection of shoes for larger women

Buxom beauties should choose shoes carefully. After selection of the wrong model can not only produce a negative visual effect, but also harm the health. Therefore, the first priority should be the comfort criteria, and then an external factor.

From a practical point of view, shoes full must help to bear the weight of the body, to provide stability and uniform load on the foot and spine. From an aesthetic point of view is to lengthen your legs and visually pull the silhouette up.

So, there are General rules, the observance of which is guaranteed to facilitate the full women selection of shoes:

– The heel should be stable enough. Choose the model of shoes or boots which you don’t have to balance like kanatohodke. The quality stability is achieved due to the rather wide, mid-height heel.

However, don’t overdo it – too massive heel can emphasize the completeness of the legs.

Avoid sharp corners. Shoes with square or long, sharp nose, looks somewhat rough, whereas a rounded neat nose will add grace and your figure.

The easier it will be to look your shoes are, the better. Any artsy décor items – buckles, straps, large bows or flowers, sequins, etc. – only accentuate the massiveness of the figure and visually increase the size of the feet. So try to choose a model with very simple design.

We recommend you to pay attention to the shoes on the platform. On the one hand, a very functional walk in such shoes are more comfortable than heels. On the other hand, the aesthetic function it also performs. But – again – you should choose quite elegant platform.

Massive heavy wedge heel adds visual weight to a figure.

There is a pattern: the higher the shoes, the longer it seem your feet. This should be taken into account when choosing, say, winter boots.

– Equally important is the fact what material is made shoes. The ideal option – natural leather. This material provides the opportunity for the foot to “breathe”. Approach the can and combination skin. But artificial materials to owners of the fuller figure should avoid – otherwise, the fatigue and swelling of the legs provided to you.

— The shoes should be durable. Most reliable stitched model. However, if you choose, say, boots in winter period, keep in mind that the shoes on the glue is more resistant to getting wet.

— The process of acquiring the shoes also must be approached thoughtfully and not to buy rashly. To try on shoes is better at the end of the day when the leg is a bit swollen, otherwise you risk to buy too tight shoes. Be sure to try on both shoes and walk around a bit around the store.

What to watch out for

White boots like the snow maiden is, of course, very nice and touching. I look fat – and this rule applies not only on clothes but also on shoes. Therefore, white shoes or boots will make your leg better.

— High slim stiletto heel looks very hot and sexy. But not at full leg. On her background leg acquire grotesque proportions. And for health such footwear is unsafe, even for skinny women, but women doubly so.

Shoes bright shades or multi-color will also create unwanted accents for you. Therefore it is better to give preference to the classics – black, grey, brown shades.

— Too open shoes – an unwanted version of summer shoes. Such models emphasize the massiveness of the foot and completeness of the ankles.

— Tight boots up to a length of half calf cut legs and visually shorten the figure.

Shoes for larger women are also beautiful, feminine and graceful. Following our recommendations, you will easily be able to choose the option that best suits your personality and fits your unique style.